saturday gatherings

keep on enjoying life and making time for the little things. a little time out ensures a long time in.

love is beautiful, glorious, messy, wonderful.

Sometimes we get so busy telling God the big things we want to do, that we miss Him telling us the smaller things we should be doing already. – rough quote from o.chambers

oh life…someday the suck will be less.

i will wait for you.

T.D. Jakes said “we grieve over what we’ve lost because we don’t see the miracle in what we have left.”

there are all sorts of doors..but you have to make sure god wants you to open the door.

i kind of really want green glasses.

“You cannot just be into adoption to adopt; you have to be into parenting.”

the battle is fierce, but the armor is strong.

Unless our dreams are shattered or lost or broken we are in danger of never being set free to pursue our first call in life: love god & love others.


and when i need someone to dry all my tears, i wait for You.

love rescue me. 

when i taste sorrow and pain is my friend 

when i can’t hide what’s broken, i can’t pretend

when all that i’ve hoped for has faded again….

i’ll wait for You….love rescue me.