in real life

5 minutes. no editing. whatever pours out of that pretty heart of yours. and here’s the prompt…

In Real Life

In real life….things get messy

In real life….people have questions.

In real life….there are days of doubt.

In real life….the happily ever after sometimes doesn’t happen how you think.

In real life….suffering refines.

In real life….orphans exist

In real life…..God’s sovereign

In real life….sometimes the sun doesn’t shine and the rain keeps coming

In real life…..being lonely hurts

In real life….hearts don’t break even

In real life….the grass may look greener but everything’s not as it seems

In real life….there’s a lot of waiting

In real life….change is uncomfortable but can be good if you choose

In real life….all things work out for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose

In real life….you trust more than you think

In real life….God is faithful

In real life….joy is everywhere

In real life….grace abounds and can’t be earned

In real life….you’ll long for heaven

In real life….things won’t always go as *you* planned

In real life….love


guess i had more than i thought since i just haven’t had any direction with this prompt all day i waited. so there you go. now i’m excited read some of yours!

14 thoughts on “in real life

  1. Thanks for sharing with Five Minute Friday! I love those lines in there about “God’s sovereign” and “God is faithful”… in real life, God is! Hope you have a blessed weekend!

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