Fridays mean we play with words, pour out our hearts in 5 minutes or less.


My heart longs to be rest assured in all that I am; to rest assured that I am enough because He is enough.  I want to settle in and hunker down in a mound of pillows and blankets ready to rest in His goodness.  I know that I know that I know that He is good.  He has good plans. He’s even giddy over these things coming my way and your way.  Those moments inundated with peace and goodness is where you’ll find me resting.  Laying my sweet head down filled with tears and questions yet one more time because waiting hurts and trusting in this is still hard for me.  But, oh there, in the rest assuredness of His love is where my heart longs to be and that’s where I’m running even when I want to rest in the arms of Ben and Jerry’s or in the guise of another workout.  The rest that comes from either of those fades quickly to the background and leaves me feeling empty and guilty.  Ah, rest, I’m ready for the freedom that comes with the resting.  I so desire the freedom in resting in who I am. Being okay with me and where God has placed me.


5 minutes ticks away fast on these days.

Your turn! What do you ponder about rest?


“I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish He didn’t trust me so much.” -Mother Teresa

Oh, dear heart. There’s beauty in recognizing that we aren’t strong enough and that we can’t handle it all on our own…though, with God all things are possible.  He strengthens us and encourages us.  I still remember that perspective switch when I realized…wait. God trusted me enough that I could walk through the fires and pain still praising Him.  Like Job, God knew that I would come out refined and still loving Him.  Though, like Mother Teresa oh how sometimes I wish He didn’t trust me to walk through so much.  The burdens break me down and force me back into His loving arms.  My stubborn, get-it-done attitude just gets in the way.  I wrestle and try to be strong on my own.  I throw up my defenses and put on my face.  Only to find that very face flat on the ground begging Him to come close and hold my heart.  Lord, thank you for writing the story you are writing with my life.  Thank you for the ways that you have shown up and continue to show up.  Thank you.  I know You’ll keep refining me and You’re a gentleman.  So, please, help me learn to submit and let go much sooner.  Love, Katy.

How do you see how pain has brought you to a place of thanking God for the testimony and story He is writing?

Have you seen pain refining your faith?

p.s. i didn’t guarantee any red bows…so this will be the last post in this mini series for now, but I will leave you with a song that’s been on repeat and has me going to the “ocean” (cue lake for MN)