please stop

this hurts

i hurt

the tears

keep falling

i’m breaking


don’t break even

*this post is from my drafts hidden away from writing done months ago and yet i think there’s some raw in it that i just love and can’t help but leave it exactly like it is. i’d love for you to take a moment to jot down what comes out of your heart concerning the areas of pain.  what words tumble out when you actually let yourself feel the pain.

8 thoughts on “breaking

  1. Although I am one of the queens of avoidance of pain at all costs, I am in a season where I can’t seem to run and hide anymore. I think there is definitely a raw truth in your post. My words that escape from me

    cracking like fragile glass breaking. starting with a small chip that spreads almost instantly with a spider web of cracks. Trying to hold it together the glass isn’t strong enough to bear the multitude of cracks and with one sudden, loud crash it shatters into so many pieces you don’t know if all of them can be found.

    • I love that right when we stop running from the pain we realize that God’s been waiting for us to meet us right in the midst of the pain.

      Such a powerful image you wrote about and eish…I definitely wouldn’t want to be holding that piece of glass except I totally do. I hold on tight because I don’t like letting go of the pain which often ends up hurting way more.

      Thanks for sharing, Amber!

  2. Deep wounds either ooze
    infectious bitterness
    or streams of golden wisdom.

    Pain is more than physical
    or mental
    it is a heart condition.
    Scar tissue builds and builds
    creating a numbing layer.

    A type of protection that
    if left untreated will
    infect the wound. We need
    others to walk with us in pain.
    We need to let a ray
    of hope and light
    seep into the deepest hurts.

    Light turns bittered wounds
    to wisdom more valuable
    than gold. So speak up,
    risk with your pain to heal,
    to mend, to restore. Light hurts
    the darkness but brings with
    it understanding.

    • so love that you commented and shared this!
      i agree that we SO need others to walk with us through the pain and even more than that to just sit with us in the pain and to point out the parts of the pain that are still in the dark so that they can be brought to the light. so very true.

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