In a fallen world with broken people, pain abounds.  From the biting comment that hurts our feelings to the deep betrayal, we can’t seem to escape the effects of pain.  I’ve known my fair share of pain.  By no means am I an expert on pain nor am I claiming the most painful life award.  Far from it!  Countless testimonies astound me at the horrific things that happen in this world and the pain that accompanies.  Though, from my experience, we all deal with pain on some level.  Plus, what matters to us matters to God.  Sometimes a seemingly insignificant event can evoke a host of pain.  Pain permeates all of our stories and is seen throughout the Bible too.

So, I’m throwing the red bows and formulas out the window and I’m reminding us all to refrain from playing the comparison game.  We’re all broken and imperfect people.  All of that to say that this week I’m delving into a bit of pain.  I want to a do a mini series of just three posts related to pain.  I’d love for you to join along and even link-up if you’d like with your own thoughts.

To kick start us here are a few questions for you to answer and ponder:

How do you define pain? 

How do you deal with pain? 

2 thoughts on “pain

  1. Like most people, I like to avoid pain. However, a lot of my medical problems involve pain. And that’s unavoidable. So I guess I just tough it out, knowing that there’s an end. Which I guess is the same as having hope. So without hope, I don’t know how you’d ever be able to tolerate pain…

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