5 Minute Friday: Older


At first glance, so many ways to take this little prompt.  Though, I must confess that Joy’s comment about how her eggs start drying up at 26 popped into my mind right away.  I laugh a little.  Well, mostly because I love Joy’s vlogs and her dog melts my heart.  I figure since I’m getting older, I better get on getting that big fluffy dog to sleep with me and take up most of my bed because then maybe the bed won’t feel as big.  Plus, I so want a dog to run with me.

Either way.  Back on track….older.  I love older love. I love seeing the way people know each other deeply and love fiercely even so they know all the little things.  Sometimes those little things could annoy you like crazy, but that’s the thing about love.  Love flourishes as it gets older.  I don’t think I’ve ever set out to love someone just for a little time.  I love long and hard.  As Myers-Briggs likes to tell me, I keep my friends close and the few that I let into my world hold a place in my heart.

Yet, you know, this sounds silly, but I can’t get a thought out of my head.  I once heard someone talking about weddings and getting older and seasons and how they were excited for a friend who finally got to enter the married season but that they weren’t all that excited about the actual wedding since they were all past that season.  And see, there’s a lovely little book called The New Eve that pulls out the reminder that we are created for seasons of life.  Which brings me full circle to the lovely comment above.  Sometimes I’d much rather stop the seasons and curl up to….


Whelp…there goes five minutes…so much left unsaid and so many thoughts to explore…another day or later today =)

Here’s the link for Joy’s vlog!


8 thoughts on “5 Minute Friday: Older

  1. Yes, there are seasons I want to stop (or maybe pause is a better word), and there are seasons I would love to go back to to just try to “get it right”. I still love weddings! But I don’t like being in them! 🙂

    Have a good weekend!!

  2. Well, I still get excited about weddings…I know all of the love, planning, and details that go into making that happen. I also love how it shows the personalities of the couple in all the little things they do….it’s fabulous!

    And your day is going to be SO SWEET!!

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