two weeks of prayers

Children quickly mimic and learn from others how to act in life.  Sometimes this proves to be a wonderful thing; other times, not so much.  When we find people we admire, we try to glean wisdom from them and their actions.  I find myself doing this often in this Christian life because I lack the direct connection.  I see the women in my church and am constantly catching myself wondering if that’s how this Christian life is walked out well (per checking it against Jesus of course…).  I definitely am so thankful for them and for the example they set because goodness knows that without the Christian women and men throughout my life, I’d be in a much different place. I likely would have taken much longer to learn that hey it’s totally okay to raise your hands during worship, to pray in tongues, to believe BIG, to confront, to have boundaries, and so much more.

Discipleship brings up the same notion.  The disciples followed the Rabbi hoping to emulate his life and reproduce his teachings.  While God created each of us uniquely, He still calls us all to imitate Christ.  The Bible shows us both examples to follow and also areas where we definitely want to steer clear from those paths (cue Lot’s wife!).  All that to say, I loved digging into seeing how people in the Bible (including Jesus!) prayed.  Here are some of my snippets that stuck out and some that carried across most of the prayers that I read while following this plan:

-Consistently said what God has done in the past–how He has been faithful before

-Reminders about who God is and what His character is like

-Stated what God will do

-Explained what has happened

-Moses knew that he wanted the presence of God more than he wanted to go to a specific place

-David sought counsel about what was in his heart

-Prayer warriors show up with a humble attitude and a healthy fear of the Lord

-Admitted their weaknesses to God

-Asked for specific requests

-Weren’t afraid to ask for help and to fast and pray

-Full of praises

-Gave thanks to God beforehand

-Honest cries even in the questioning of why there is a drawing near and a confident hope in what will be

-Prayers aren’t to be made to impress man

-Intimate relationship with Father

-Rejoiced even amidst the suffering

-Such trust that God would be faithful again as they had seen Him before

How has your life been changed by seeing an example to follow? Any insight gleaned from prayers to add to the list?