Monday Musings =)

1. What’s your favorite Bible version?

2. Do you like details or the big picture?

3. What color car would you want?

4. Do you speak in tongues/have you/thoughts?

5. Favorite worship song as a kid?

6. Do you have a OneWord for the year? How’s it going?

7. What’s your intentionality for this week?

Go at it! I love reading your responses! =)

Here are mine…

1. Amplified…love me some words.

2. Both, but sometimes/oftentimes the details overwhelm me. Give me the big picture and I’ll leap with lots of faith that all the details will work out.  Make me trust the little details without the big picture and whoa hi God that’s uncomfortable, but hello growth. As Myers-Briggs loves to tell me…I’m one of the ones who is a doer as well as a dreamer and who has vision and practicality. Sometimes I see it…if you know me, do you agree?

3. Green. I think so. Though, really, anything but tan. I really dislike tan and brown and blah colors. Give me something fun.

4. Yes…..lots of thoughts rolling around in my head and it’s been such a journey to get here. I didn’t even know people really spoke in tongues still until I went to Africa.  Ha, but then I totally thought raising your hand during worship was a bit “out there” then too. God loves journeys.

5. Missed most of these…I feel like I’m catching up now with Children’s Ministry =) Though, I do remember loving some of the songs where there were both guy and girl parts.

6. Trust! I really really disliked it for a long time, but now we’re beginning to become friends and I’m liking it a lot.  Still a long way to go =)

7. Be anchored by hope and meditate.