5 Minute Friday: New

Pour out your heart, let your fingers paint a picture, and leave the editing behind.  Fridays mean we get to play without pretense and soak up the free-flowing, raw elements of life that come without red bows.

The prompt…..


I scribble notes on a paper and add dates into my planner.  I realize I might need a new planner to add all the details of this new season.  Life ebbs and flows with hello’s and good-bye’s.  Seasons constantly remind me of the ever changing pathway of life.  The adjustment and transition oftentimes chokes out the safety, but therein lies the greatest opportunity for growth.  I find embarking on a new season that got tumbled into my lap by God.  The blessings consist of ones that I probably would have passed by on a normal day, but here I am with hands raised high in praise.  I hope that I learned a few lessons throughout this last season to carry with me into all of these areas of waiting.  If nothing else, change is constant.  While the waiting and the drudgery may seem to never end, they will.  Take heart, waters and streams come rushing down the mountain to fill you to overflowing.  God makes a way.  He will do it.

The time always seems to slip away before I’ve fully formulated my thoughts…but so much seems new lately.  I’m liking it.  This girl who loves adventure and challenges soaks up these seasons with movement.  Alas, no editing or adding today…another day. For now, it’s your turn. What pours out of your heart when it comes to new?