I like to play along on Fridays by writing out my heart in 5 minutes. Editing thrown out the window and a whole lot of streaming consciousness type writing.  More often than not, I like it and am surprised at where my pretty little heart takes me and gives me some food for thought to chat over with God about later….sooooooo, here goes.

5 minutes on Beauty.

I chase her down but elusive she stays just out of reach.  I find myself thinking that maybe just maybe if I eat less or if I happen to stumble upon a fabulous hair day or I throw on that pretty new outfit…maybe she’ll show up and I can hold her for longer than brief seconds.  Maybe he’ll turn his head and notice me.  But, really. I don’t know if it’s so much beauty that I desire, but the confidence of a woman whose position is strong and secure.  One who rejoices over the future and walks with strength and dignity.  I plaster that verse to my mirror in hopes to remind myself that the kind of beauty I want stems from a foundation secure in Him first and foremost.  When I am drawn away into distraction, I find myself teary eyed over all that I am not.  I ramble on in my head about how I am not skinny enough like her or tall enough or how when I lose weight I lose it where I don’t want or how I’m just never going to be that ridiculously outgoing jump up and down kind of girl….and that’s when it’s not beautiful.   To be beautiful requires exhaling into all of who He made me to be.  Walking with Him…confident, secure, grounded, solid…..beautiful.

*p.s. the verse reference is proverbs 31:25

Your turn! What comes out of your heart when you write about beauty? 

honey, it’s not a game

“Honey, it’s not a game.”

Remember that time you wanted to use Me as a genie in a bottle? Or you opened your bible up just itching to find the right verse to support your side? Or what about that prayer? Or your check list of “spiritual things” that you rush through to cross off? Am I scheduled into your life only when it’s convenient? Would you treat your father like that or a friend?  Would you manipulate them? Would you throw some acts of kindness their way only when you realize that you want them to do something? Oh you think that because this happens that you’re going to get that? You want a ten point list?  Are you more in love with the promises than you are with the Promiser?

No, it’s definitely not a game, babe.  BUT don’t you forget that I love you with an everlasting love.  Nothing, no nothing can separate you from My love. I’m slow to anger, but I will correct you for your good and we all know that sometimes people need a little correction.  Besides, some thing. Aren’t even about correction.  They’re about timing. It’s not about you and sorry…you can’t get that 10 point list of do this, get that.  So, engage. Don’t pull back. Throw up your hands, come running to Me. Cast all of those cares on Me.  Ask me.  I want to hear the desires of your heart. Let Me be in charge.  Let Me take care of you.  I’ve got your back.  It may not be a game where you get to move all the pieces, but thank goodness it’s not because you can rest assured and trust that I know much, much better than  you do. I’ve got all the puzzle pieces and I see the big picture. So, rest girl.  Enjoy. Trust. Hope. All those words that are hard especially in the hard.  I’m everything I’ve promised. Judge me faithful and remember.  Remember the times you’ve seen me come through for you.  You’re beautiful and I take great delight in you.  I rejoice over you with singing. You’re like a jewel in my crown.  Rest in the identity that I give you and stop trying to throw on others or find satisfaction in anything other than Me. You are SO loved.

what’s god reminding you lately?

*i started this post back on 5/29/2010 and just unearthed it from the drafts…i like where it led me and how differently it speaks to my situation now. god is so good at bringing a word at the right time to my heart. #wordsofaffirmationgirl