monday minglings

Won’t you stick around and mingle a bit. Play a little this or that and answer a few questions =) I’d love to “mingle” and get to know you a bit! p.s. feel free to add in other categories if that’s your liking…i totally would.

1. Cereal, oatmeal, or doughnuts?

2. Protein or carbs?

3. Kayaking, canoeing, or boating?

4. Gift or giftcard?

5. Do you like candles?

6. Name an awesome song that I should go listen to right now.

7. What book has changed you? (other than the bible)

Go at it! Can’t wait to read your answers when I get back from Kids Camp… I’ll be hanging out in the comments come Thursday or Friday. ¬†Oh and if you’d pray for all that goes on at Kids Camp, I’d be much appreciative!


Until then…here are my answers:

1. cereal all the time. oatmeal often especially in the winter.

2. mmm carbs. except i am SO a fan of clif protein builders…the mint kind. i love mint.

3. kayaking. oh so happy. boating is lovely if it means i’m water skiing or wakeboarding!

4. gifts. gift cards still make me cringe…unless they’re like totally awesome but even then i’m like oh. ha, so a gift is much better.

5. no….

6. the beginning of let heaven shout by bethel live–the part about surrendering. then forever love by francesca battistelli. then tree by justin rizzo. and throw in some waiting here for you by christy nockels–just get to the part where it talks about how “You are everything You’ve promised. Your faithfulness is true.”

7. my go to answer is hinds feet in high places by hannah hurnard. totally challenged how i saw god and about the journey and helped me realize that whoa god delights in me. though there are TONS of other books that i love too.