linky links and seven on saturday

I get this. “while inwardly I felt sadness at being misunderstood as “choosy” or “uncommitted” instead of patient. It hurts when people miss your heart. Choosing hope has been part of a spiritual battle, one I’ve been fighting for what feels like eons. ” All comes back to listening to the voice that says, “Trust Me.”

Donald Miller throws out some great advice about how to write a great love story for both the girls and the guys.  Totally helps me see where I can acknowledge the hard parts while also validating this thought concerning the guys: “First of all, you should want some kind of career or impact. You should want make the world a better place and you should be very focused and dedicated to making this happen.”

Yet in that same line, I totally love the balance of adding this perspective in living out a good story too because we I can totally make an idol out of a “good story” and set out on this never-ending quest to do “big, good” things for God.  I have a ton more thoughts on this subject, but there’s a few teasers to say that I absolutely think we should live great stories, but oftentimes God’s ways look different than ours….more on this another day =)

I do love this little story about dead ends, disappointment, and the ways God turns our pathway. I’ve seen it in my life too.

Friendships take work, they’re hard, but they are so necessary and sweet and such a GIFT.

Do you have any ships you need to burn?

These bible reading plans make me ridiculously excited.

Have you written a life plan yet?


Oh hey if you wanna add in a little seven on saturday too then let’s do this.

Since God keeps wanting me to rejoice (holla stacey) while I trust (oneword 2011) Him and part of that is remembering joy (holla oneword2010) by being thankful.

7 Things to be Thankful For in This Season of Life in No Particular Order (not to say that a lot of these don’t translate into other seasons of life because they can but just saying here are some things I’m thankful for in my current situation)

1. Provision–jobs, opportunities, open doors, closed doors, guidance.

2. Quiet moments curled up with the bible or a good book.

3. Forced dependence on God—when the tears come or the questions or frustration or just loneliness….there’s nobody to come home to and hold you so you’ve gotta run to God first and even though it’s still hard…I know it’s developing something good and a good dependence.

4. Flexible schedule so that I can fit a lot of different things into my life from work, friends, working out, spontaneous things, kids camp, writing, dreaming, etc.

5. Time to process and dig through a lot of past issues and deal with them while gaining healthy tools and re-learning areas where I wasn’t taught a healthy, godly way.

6. Simple cooking and baking when I want yet being able to be creative and try new things.

7. An opportunity to learn how to wait and to hope and to trust God in the areas where I can’t see and all seems lost.

Your turn! Any links to share or things you’re thankful for in your season of life?