trust in the unknown

Esther walked headlong into a “I may perish” situation.

Ruth followed without knowing the outcome. 

Hannah prayed and poured out her heart with hope that God would look on her with favor.

Abigail went forth boldly to approach David. 

The woman at the well spoke with Jesus.


Each woman stepped out in trust in the unknown.  Esther didn’t know how the king would respond.  Ruth hadn’t ever traveled to a foreign land as a widow.  Hannah hadn’t given birth to a baby before.  Abigail risked approaching David and trusting that God would work good out with her husband.  The woman at the well didn’t know how Jesus would respond.

God asked each woman to trust Him in a new situation.  He wanted them to depend on Him in the unfamiliar, the unknown.

When I look at my own life, oftentimes, I want God to lead me down the familiar pathways.  God, I’ve seen you provide here so let me go that way again because I can trust you there.  I’ve seen you provide a church so I could step out in that area again. I’ve seen you provide friends so I can trust you there. I’ve seen you provide a job so I get that you can do that again.

For some silly reason, I didn’t realize that He’d, of course, lead me down a new road instead of a road similar to the ones I’ve traveled.

So, here I am….I stumble, stammer, and throw on my do it afraid face in the areas I haven’t stepped out in yet.

I’m finding in this year of trust (holla #oneword2011) that God calls me to the uncomfortable, unfamiliar places.  He calls me to trust Him in new ways and situations.  To deepen trust, you have to go beyond the areas you already have seen His faithfulness.

So, I do it afraid. I stay. I hit accept. I say no. I say yes. I shut my eyes tight with tears but do it anyway.

Have you seen God ask you to trust in the unfamiliar places? 

8 thoughts on “trust in the unknown

  1. God is asking me to trust Him so much with the unfamiliar now… literally brought tears to my eyes to remember all the amazingly Godly women before me who have stepped into the unknown!

  2. Actually just blogged about this, but God has recently provided for us in the area of our finances. Surprisingly, that’s something he’s helped us out with many times before, but this time was definitely harder to trust Him. He pulled through, though. He always does.

    • i hear you! it’s that okay i’ve seen god come through in some areas, but sometimes even in the similar areas it’s still hard. though, it’s amazing to see Him come through time and again!

  3. I am really struggling with this. I resigned from my teaching job after 12 years because I truly never liked it, and I felt like God was telling me it was time to let it go. But now that school is starting back, and I don’t have a job, I am getting anxious. I am so tempted to go back to what I know.

    • ohhhh I hear you! it’s so easy to go back to what we know and what is comfortable especially in the area of jobs. i laugh because in part i’ve been like but god i just want to go back on the mission field and do that full-time because i know you’ll pull through like you’ve done before…but that’s when He asks me to trust Him in going back to school…so i totally hear you on that whole waiting and being obedient even when all the details aren’t there yet!

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