ponder in your heart

But Mary treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart.

Luke 2:19

Oh, how my heart connects and resonates with this verse.  I ponder so much {sometimes too much}.  Yet, the God-stories keep brewing up in my heart.  Often, they need to be treasured and pondered before poured out.  God likes to move in a whirlwind to shake things up and fling wide His guiding hand.  I am grateful for movement, but my processing lag keeps piling up.  The words flitter on the edge of spilling out, but then I am speechless all at once.  I keep saying, “Lord, help my unbelief. I can believe BIG for others, but help me believe BIG for me too. Help me believe that You really do have a good plan when all seems lost.  Throw a few tangible love notes my way.”  Yet, I am thankful that He does move even when I’m still saying, “Wha?” When I can’t even finish my question before falling headlong into his doors flung wide open.  And as I so lovely just read, “Sometimes waiting takes a lot more effort than moving forward.”  So, here I fall forward in some areas and keep on in the hard of waiting in others. Faithfulness abounds and the hard will bring even more God-stories.

So, tell me…how are you doing? pondering anything in your heart? waiting? falling headlong forward fast? where are you at now? 

4 thoughts on “ponder in your heart

  1. I’ve been doing a lot more wrestling in my mind than pondering as of late. Thankfully, though, it seems I can finally come to rest and arrive at a place where I can begin to ponder again.

    • just was reading a preview of a book called wrestling prayer! sounds awesome and i totally get the wrestling. it’s all connected to my pondering.

  2. Waiting, waiting to see what is best and where He has us next year. It is so hard to wait. I keep thinking I want to just know and see the map, but like we talked about, I probably really don’t 🙂

    • i like to think of waiting as serving. waiting like a waiter. asking god what can i do today to wait on you?
      helps a bit.
      but i agree…i don’t do well with waiting usually. i’m learning.

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