high. low.

since i love doing this, i thought i’d bring it over here too and see what you all had to say.

what’s your high of the day, week, month, year (you pick–i like choices and flexibility)?

and what’s your low (pick from the same choices above!)?


mine. in vague format. because i’m like that sometimes.

day….high=registering.                   low=tears and the hard.

week…high=VBS & fmsc                  low=confusion

month…high=movement                 low=disappointment

year…. high=processing                  low=closed doors

god works while i sleep. god works all things for good. all things. even the hard, messy, teary-eyed things.

Your turn!! throw down some answers. 

2 thoughts on “high. low.

  1. We do this with my small group all the time!

    day… high – coffee. low – another 10 hour workday.
    week… high – moving to another temporary home. low – being told i can’t do what i dream of doing in the future.
    month… high – going to St. Louis. low – moving, ironically.
    year… high – photographing (very unofficially) at my first wedding. low – losing one of our sponsorships through Compassion.

    this really made me think. thanks!

    • in terms of week low–you can totally do it. if god called you to it, He’ll make it happen.
      fun seeing your high’s and low’s. definitely made me think too!

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