saturday 5 and links!

top 5 things you don’t really need to know…but i want to tell you anyway

1. my new running shoes are fabulous. i love them. enough to blog about them and take pictures for you to see. they legit make me smile and are so pretty. pink and green are happy. plus, they match my headphones and cute workout outfits and they match my amplified bible to boot. who can beat that? running shoes that match your bible…

2. i finally updated the bible verses and such around my mirror to match where God’s been hitting my heart lately. plus, since you didn’t really need to know that…i figured i should add pictures for fun too. oh and see that cute workout outfit in the mirror when i awesomely took one of “those” pictures…that one matches my shoes.

3. i found out that big earrings keep people looking at your face. or at least at your chin area. i figure that’s a good enough reason to keep wearing them. besides i love them and if i can’t get big hair easily then i totally want big earrings.

4. monday is the day. the first of the month. the start of a new week. what a perfect combination.  one that you totally have to take advantage of when it comes around. i’m excited. i just have to use the next two days to dream up all sorts of plans and goals to achieve and start on that day.

5. sometimes i forget that people read my blog and fb and twitter. i try to and default toward assuming they don’t so when they reference it then i’m always surprised–especially if they’ve never commented–and yet it makes me laugh and be like oh ha you do know that already…such a funny dynamic this world of social media mixed with in person.  so comment away…then i’ll know =)

Your turn!! 5 things we don’t really need to know, but you want to tell us anyway =)

oh and i can’t forget the links!

I love friends who send me encouragement for my One Word (trust) especially in the form of words! I hope I can do this in my house someday because scrabble is fun.  Totally expect/hope/plan that my family will travel.  I so want to make one of these in the shape of Africa. This book looks intriguing! This article totally kicked my heart booty again about how I look at things even though I’m not sure what to do with it. Looking at this page both makes me excited and go like um really and ponder a lot.  Wait like a farmer and start out with purposeful prayer.  God is our personal bravery. “…the inciting incident is how you get (characters) to do something. It’s the doorway through which they can’t return, you know. The story takes care of the rest.” —I could use a few inciting incidents.  Oh hey I wrote about running over here!





12 thoughts on “saturday 5 and links!

  1. You make my ♥ smile!!! All of you! From your enthusiasm for new shoes that match your shorts, to little post its around the house that draw our everyday moments to HIM! You are a treasure!

    • they are the nike frees. so minimalist ones! i wanted to get as close to barefoot as i could. i’ve heard good things about brooks, but i haven’t tried them personally. =)

  2. I love that you still have the note cards that I sent you. That brings me so much joy. 🙂 Love you and sending lots of hugs your way because I wish so much that we had the luxury of in-person friendship and coffee dates and hugs. Especially today for some reason.

  3. Love the shoes. I went and got fitted for mine, so they only had two pairs to choose from…plain white Saucony or white and blue and green Asics. I went with color 😉

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