saturday links and 5

So tell me, what are the top five funny or inspirational things you’ve heard this week? (via Annie)

we’ll go with inspirational/happy things:

1. That’s intriguing.

Not only do I absolutely love the word intriguing, but I love the mix behind it.  The subtle way of saying looks like you have a “wait and see” on your hands, but one that is interesting.

2. I saw this in the new book section and thought you would want to read it.

andddddd with that I felt incredibly loved and it was a book I was just thinking I wanted but couldn’t find.

3. You have been selected to be a blogger for the Women of Faith Conference

happy dance!!

4. katy

say my name…and i melt. names are so incredibly powerful.

5. often after seasons of the desert there’s a whole lot of movement

and that is a big exhale to my heart


and for the lovely links.

this is the one that challenges me to lead like jesus and really see people like he did. here’s where i talk about the place i didn’t want to go to ever.  this week, i’ve been taking advantage of white boards and this idea totally appeals to me. sometimes dreams die and things don’t look like how you thought and that’s okay. and here’s where i see myself as a “it takes a village” type and totally didn’t think about all these questions until talking about kiddos and reading this. a call to prayer and a little info about child trafficking. here’s where john maxwell reminded me to ask questions.  oh and um can i buy this and this and i still really want to find cute cowboy boots? oh and i’d be okay with going here. if my hair looked like this i’d be okay with that. and this…this looks like SO much fun!

Your turn! Share your 5 things that you heard this week and any fabulous links =)