Women of Faith–Whoa!


I love “God stories.”  They’re everywhere, but sometimes I get smacked in the face with one that just makes me smile extra big.  See, I happen to be in a season of “staying” and yet in that God abundantly keeps reminding me that “Oh hey, this staying doesn’t have to be miserable! In fact, it can be pretty amazing.”

Cue Monday night where I just happen to have a mini freak out, cry fest over relevant and important things, but still nothing that God couldn’t handle (this is where I half wish I had a cute blog title like “the very worst missionary” or “the worst preacher’s wife ever”—i’ll start working on mine…i’m open to suggestions).  Once I got over my mini meltdown and finally lodged bits of Isaiah into my heart and grabbed whatever peace I could, I fell asleep.  Morning came and circumstances hadn’t changed, but I figured all would be well and I’d go utilize a big whiteboard since this word girl can hardly visualize anything!  Choosing trust and feeding on God’s faithfulness totally make a world of difference once I actually get to them…

Still, I found myself in the in between of asking God to work in the situations and yet also needing a little encouragement/reminder…and God showed up big time.

Not only has He given me all sorts of things to look forward to recently in this season of staying (and He’s shown/reminded me that I so need things to anticipate and get excited about and that I love starting new things) but He totally gave me a big gift (I love gifts…definitely one of my higher love languages…after words of affirmation).

The gift?

TWO tickets to a Women of Faith Conference because I got selected to be a blogger for it! Hello a gift with a “I see you” from God.  Plus, not only do I get to go, but I get to bring a friend. And Sheila Walsh (who I fell in LOVE with at GodChicks) is going to be there and lots of other amazing speakers.  Plus, I’m just plain excited!  And I get to bring you all along with me as I blog about the conference!

So, how has God surprised you lately? Anyone else going to this conference (wanna come with!?) or another conference soon? 


6 thoughts on “Women of Faith–Whoa!

  1. Incredible! And I’m a little jealous. I’m in the period of staying too. I’ve actually had your other post in my reader for a while… I read it, but I keep it “unread” so I will go back and comment and keep reminded of it. Staying is so, so hard for me. I need to learn to be excited about being here too, be excited about staying. What a blessing for you! I hope I can open my eyes — GOD can open my eyes — to the beautiful treasures of staying. There are so many, I just need to remember to seek God’s goodness here and now instead of always in my future.

    • i agree. staying is hard! so glad you get it too and i’m praying for you in this season…god definitely does have LOTS in store in all of it! =)

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