wee bit o’ me and you

1. what books are you reading?

2. what movies/tv shows are you watching?

3. what’s your favorite color combination today?

4. what’s the first word that you see in the room around you?

5. what’s on your song playlist lately?

6. pottery, painting, or drawing?

7. walking on the beach or laying on the beach?

8. ruth, esther, or mary?

9. matthew, mark, luke or john?

10. get up early or stay up late?


mine =)

1. one in a million by priscilla shirer, drawing near by bevere, the fitting room by kelly minter, out of control and loving it by lisa bevere, and a few others “in progress”

2. so you think you can dance…. =) and the torchlighters heroes of faith videos from voice for the┬ámartyrs

3. green and pink

4. live love

5. tree by justin rizzo, forever love by francesca battistelli, waiting here for you by christy nockels, not what i thought by jessa anderson, brokenness aside by sons & daughters, safe by britt nicole, she is love by parachute

6. pottery today. i am missing working on the wheel.

7. walking on the beach totally! or running. but walking and talking is my fave.

8. i’m picking ruth for today…..she went through the hard and stuck with it and boaz seems totally solid and legit.

9. john. i do love him.

10. today…get up early. but really i’m happy with either as long as i get enough sleep!

your turn!!!