Reading the Bible Chronologically

One Maxwell Leadership Bible

One cute journal

One chronological read-through plan

Six months time

+ Lots of pencils and pens               

a journey of love

Every time I read through the Bible, I am blown away by all of the new ways God speaks to my heart and life.  I remember when I first became a Christian that I didn’t get the whole “read the same book for your entire life.”  I am totally a check it off the list, achieve it, and move on type girl.  I legit voiced concern that I would get bored with re-reading the same book.  I love how God’s shown me that His word is living and active. Such a testimony to His truth and trustworthiness.

While going through these six months, in many ways, I held tight to the anchor of a steady, consistent plan.  The anchor that kept me still while everything else thrashed around in my world.  Outwardly I did not experience earth-shattering news like I did last fall, but I went there inwardly.  I intentionally opened cracks in walls for others to help tear them down and expose the core issues, the core roots.  In that same way, the stripping down gave a chance for some roots to go down deeper.  Lately my heart’s echo has been to “be unmovable and unshakable in You…so let my roots go down deep.  be like a tree planted by the streams of living water…”

There’s so much I could say about the journey this last six months.  I could let you know that I loved seeing how the stories weave together in the Old Testament and the intricacy is beautiful.  I could laugh about how at one point I was a week ahead on the plan because when you’ve read through in 90 days you know how to read and yet was three days behind at the end.  I could whisper my fears of not knowing what to do now that the plan is done.  Yet, that’s where I find myself in life right in this moment and it’s oddly fitting.  Because now that the plan ends, I get to settle into a few of the parts of the Bible that my heart needs to soak up.  I’m learning how to stay when all feels uncomfortable like rough sand whipping in the wind against my face.

But right there, with no plan really means I’m letting go with trust.  Trust that even though I’m letting go of it all over again (and will likely have to keep letting go) that I’m trusting God knows.  He sees my heart and knows me.  And besides, in all good stories the people who stay during the hard…they so appreciate the beauty when the desire blossoms with vibrant life.

what are you praying and believing for even in the hard and the unknown?