That’s Fun.

Even though it’s Saturday, I’m playing along with Annie and listing 5 “favorite” things falling under the topic of “That’s fun.” Now, I use the quotations around the word favorites because I don’t do favorites really. They’re my “favorites for today” or for now. Don’t hold me to them. I’m flexible and a lot of factors go into choosing these. Ha, so without further adieu…

That’s Fun…

1. Playing music loud and dancing and/or running, working out, really doing anything. Basically loud music is fun.

2. Books. I’m a book junkie…I have around 120 books on my amazon wish list.  Those are just the ones I took extra time to make note of now.  I have six books on table by my bed (The Fitting Room by Kelly Minter, Out of Control and Loving It by Lisa Bevere, Drawing Near by John Bevere, Half the Church by Carolyn Curtis James, Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley, Spiritual Adoption by Ascano).  Not to mention the ebooks, books on my other table, and pretty much everywhere.  I’m always looking for book recommendations too–SO send them my way!

3. One-on-one time with kiddos. Playing, laughing, sharing, doing life. Hearing what makes them excited. Listening to fears, dreams, and just what’s on their minds. Playing with face paint, foam swords, kick ball, bowling, baking, sitting in comfy chairs just talking.

4. Creating. I LOVED designing my brand new running shoes…just have to wait for them to be made and shipped. Writing. Playlists. Pretty designs in my journals. Creating plans, organizing events, picking out crafts, games.

5. Surprises and unexpected’s.  Being able to surprise someone with a gift or something they need. That unexpected invitation. The words that come out of no where, but line up with what you think God’s been nudging your heart about. A package you forgot about that shows up. A card just for no reason. An I thought of you when I saw this so I bought it for you. A big surprise hug. But, really, I’m just saying that being known and loved & knowing and loving others is fun.

There you have it. 5 fun things.

Oh and here are a few links that caught my eye this week. 

this breaks my heart because divorce is something i see affecting so many kiddos.

babies get “dumped” and that splits me in two so i obviously love what this group is doing in South Africa.

i love when kids get loved on well. especially through food like ice cream! love this ministry too.

i’m saying my own personal “i do, i do still.” staying and being planted is harder for me than starting new.

loved this in plan b when i read it and i love it still because i’m learning how to wait.

i am love, love, loving bianca’s marked by love study on tuesdays.  challenging “homework” to boot.

oh and have i told you how much i love joy? so funny, real, honest, raw. her posts are always a highlight. plus, i have serious dog jealousy going on…when can i get my big, fluffy dog or at least a dog to run with me!?

and with that. even though there are TONS of other things i could share we’ll leave it at that for now =) besides it’s seven lines and that’s biblical.