You know the deal. Happy Friday! 5 minutes. Raw, real, unedited, pure goodness. Write from your heart and write it out fast or slow but just finish in 5 minutes.

5 minutes on…Grateful:

For friends who speak truth in love and are real with me. Who laugh with me when I’m being ridiculous and I know I’m being ridiculous.

For decisions.

For God being trustworthy.

For people who albeit not perfect…who do show me time and again that not everyone will break my heart and that there are still people who keep their word and follow through with what they say they will do.

For sunsets and dirty feet splashing in the water

For a job to pay off my last loan.

For a year in Africa holding babies and learning to love

For a bed and heat and a sleeping bag and books all over

For a God who Sees. A God who sees and will work all things out for good and will bring out justice.

For someone to walk with me and sit with me while I dig deep. For that refuge even if I still go backwards.

For a chance to learn how to take courage and be present

For learning that home is really only in God. bits of it may be in africa but He’s taught me time and again it’s only in Him and that the longing and ache is really for heaven

For the pain that draws me closer to His heart and will give testimony my very own “But God” moments

Because He will do something. He’s already done something. He’s got it all under control.