marathon recap

Oh hey. Maybe you thought I forgot to fill you in on all the amazing marathon-ness. I didn’t! Granted, I wrote eight pages of my own memories shortly afterward so you’ll get the condensed bulleted version.  Here goes….

(this was taken toward the end…love that i’m still smiling–that was one of my goals to smile a lot! one group of girls even made a comment about how i was still smiling. happy.)

What I learned/memories from running a marathon:

  • I love people. I love hearing their stories. I love sharing my story to give them a glimpse of God.  I love talking about Africa and babies and ministry and dreams and hopes.
  • I met the doctor with the goal of running a marathon in each state (he’s finished 22 states).  He also threw in a few Ironman’s to boot.  Twice in Brazil.  He informed me that they are easier than marathons—can you say my head went down the road of “Maybe I should do an Ironman” because it totally did.
  • I sat next to an amazing lady who “lost track” of how many marathons she had done–her guess was 90.  Including one in Antartica and a few trail ones where you have to pull yourself up cliffs.  Hardcore.
  • Met a couple of girls who did something “crazy” each summer.  This summer was a marathon.
  • Another sweet girl just had a baby named Olivia Rayne seven months ago.  She shared how she didn’t like being pregnant at all because she didn’t like being “controlled.” Such an interesting perspective I’ve never heard.
  • I met a lady who grew up Catholic and is now Lutheran. She shared parts of her story and I was so honored to hear them.
  • A guy whose idea of celebrating his 60th birthday meant running a marathon—granted I found out later that even though his sign said it was his birthday today it was really two days ago! Wha! I loved his blunt honesty. He shared that he started running because of “ego.”
  • Another man shared with me about how his wife just got back from Swazi. I heart Africa.
  • I joked with a lady about how we were going faster than the bus.
  • I found myself furrowing my brow at blow horn guy standing on the sidelines trying to tell people about Jesus. Um, excuse me, get out here and run and chat with these people and get to know them and love them…
  • An adorable couple with shirts letting us know they were newlyweds.
  • Matching texas flag shorts on a couple who held hands and melted my heart. I want a man like that who takes his wife’s hand and loves her well.
  • Giving high fives to everyone I could.
  • Kids holding signs for their moms….oh my heart.
  • Laughing with God about the rain. Embrace the rain and do it anyway.
  • Saying thank you to every single volunteer
  • Pushing through the hard…and there definitely comes a point where it’s hard. Keep running.
  • I’m all about doing life WITH people. That’s when I’m happy. That’s what I love.
  • Some people run with you a long while, others only a bit, but they all can add or take away from your journey.
  • The wonders of a heat blanket at the finish line.
  • Pure exhaustion.
  • Love.

I learned so much.  About myself, about God, about life.  God blessed me so much through this process. He showed provision and protection along the way.  Encouragement in all sorts of forms showed up when I needed it most.  He taught me to persevere even in the rain.  He reminded me that I care more about bringing people along to run the race with me…my motto lately has been God sees you; see others.  Put value on them, encourage them, love them, help them run their race well, run with them.

My heart still overflows with so many thoughts from this experience, but there’s a little snapshot.  You might just hear a bit more over the coming weeks and months or just chat with me sometime and I’m brimming with all sorts of God-stories from this.

p.s. if you’re thinking of running one….my advice…do it! and then let me know so i can run it with you =)


11 thoughts on “marathon recap

  1. I’m thinking so many things as I read your post: You’re amazing, what an accomplishment, HUGE event, love that you were really with so many people in the midst of something so hard, wondering how you made the decision to go for an event this big, thinking you’re just amazing – all the way around.

    And my heart is stuck on this: “Some people run with you a long while, others only a bit, but they all can add or take away from your journey” – such a profound truth…

    You are loved!

    • ha there’s actually kind of a funny story with how i decided to run a marathon…i’ll have to share that–it’s blog-worthy =)

      and that’s the line that is stuck in my heart too….so hard for me to get though because i want my people to run with me the whole way…i don’t like having to say good-bye even if the people i’m running with are taking away. working on that one =)

      love you!! have you been running much?

  2. so stinkin proud of you friend!!! beyond proud. . .and so cannot believe you were talking while you were running. . .i was just trying to breathe 😉

    • haha i know i’m a bit ridiculous! i got some blank stares from a few men when i told them that….they said i wasn’t working hard enough then. i didn’t even know i could talk while running–i always run alone. the group i started with were very chatty so then it just became fun and i kept it up for the first 18 miles then i put in my headphones and got to business heh. but it was totally more enjoyable with people to chat with =)

  3. SO proud of you girl! Loved reading abut all your memories… I would totally enjoy some more from the “long version”. Way to go and meet people right where they are at and love them like Jesus! xoxo

    • well you guys convinced me to give you a bit more! i wrote a little follow-up about the journey to marathon day for tomorrow’s post! and yeah my notes are ridiculous. when i saw that i had written 8 pages. i was like uh whoa and that was even a few days later. wish i had written right away. =)

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