welcome….5 minute friday

welcome home, baby girl.

welcome home, i missed you.

welcome home, i love you.

welcome home, you look beautiful.

welcome home, you’re finally here.

welcome home, love.


come close. listen to the whisper. of love that enfolds you tight in the arms that you can’t see. hold tight to the promises and hold your head up high. let me fight for you. i’m catching your tears and helping your unbelief. even if no one else does, i want you. i delight in you. i love you. i’ll never leave or forsake you. the lord your god takes great delight in you. he rejoices over you with singing. he welcomes you home. he longs to throw on the robes of royalty. crown you with gladness. lift up your head. show you that he withholds nothing good from you.  he thinks you’re enough. he thinks you’re worth it. he thinks you’re worth fighting for and pursuing.

sometimes. most times. i just want to be home…on nights like this, i wanna be in eden. walking in the cool of the day with my Maker.


your turn. five minutes on “welcome”

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