“you are a daughter of the king of kings and you hold your head up high because maybe when you were born the enemy said i’m getting rid of her and god said

no you are not.”

-sheila walsh

I can’t get this quote out of my head.  Hearing Sheila Walsh speak at God Chicks seriously messed with me in a good way.  She made me laugh when she joked about how she said, “God, take me anywhere, but just not that.”  She shared how God went with her to her very own “not that.”  How He went with her to the psychiatric ward and met her there.  In the midst, God reminded her, “The Shepherd knows where to find you.”

I don’t know what your “not that, Lord” is or what you fear.  I know I definitely have a few of my own and am laughing with God because I’m there now in one of my own “not that.”  But sometimes in those places, we find that there’s healing.  The very places we swore we’d never go turn into the places we find refuge.  The safe places, the places of trust, where we can breathe.

So, when I want to run, I remember…God knows where to find me. He knows where I hide. He knows when I’m crying on the floor. He cries with me.  He takes me to the uncomfortable places because He wants to make beautiful out of the mess.  Out of the hard work and patience comes the beauty.

He refuses to let go of me.  He fights for me.  Because the enemy certainly tried over and over to take me out.  He’s still trying. But God keeps saying…  She’s mine.