I wonder.

I ponder.

I mull things over in my heart.

I roll them around my head.

…about when, why, how, what, and who.

The questions seem endless.

I swirl around in the present worries, frustrations, and circumstances

Fighting fear

because I want to stand at the Jordan

put my foot in the water

and remember

He is the answer

He is great. no.matter.what.

He is good. no.matter.what


5 minutes to relax, play with words, and write from the heart without editing…time to just write. I’d love to hear what you write about “Wonder.”

p.s. anything i can pray for you about?

p.s.s. if you’d like…i’d love prayer for clarity. =)


14 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. Found ya from 5 Minute Fridays @ The Gypsy Mama..

    Wowwww. Your blog is beautiful. For real. And this entry was as well. I’m definitely going to start following you! You’re a great writer!

    • there’s a little “sign me up” button on the right hand side if you want to get post updates in your e-mail otherwise at the bottom of the comments there are the buttons you can click for being notified of follow-up comments and/or new posts =)

  2. I wanna step into the Jordan too – sometimes I think it is doing it WHILE we are wondering that allows God to show how He is great and He is good.

    Thanks for wondering with me – you’ve taught me so much through it!

    • and sometimes it’s making it THROUGH the jordan before you get to your next jordan…now that’s a thought to ponder!
      and i love wondering with you!

  3. so much to think about here. It felt like your words just sunk deep and I need to rustle them up and hear them again.
    I did put my hand on your picture and asked for clarity for you and during the kids prayer time at 11am my time I will have them all pray again…so that is well…5 out of 7 kids praying for you.

    • ohhhh thank you so much for all the prayers! i’m letting the words rustle around in my own head…seeing where my feet are stepping…if they are going forward or letting fear plant me down.

  4. Love this quote!

    Life is not a color within the lines project; Life is a work of art. You have to keep mixing the colors, creating new blends, and seeing things in fresh ways. You must be willing to get paint all over you. Remember, God will make your deserts like Eden because He delights in you.

    fantastic thoughts too!!

  5. Beautiful. May we dip toes in and always wonder about his majesty, his mystery, and trust always in his unfailing goodness. Bless you, friend. Praying for you!

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