He Left the 99…because One Matters

God opened a door for me.

A door I didn’t expect.

In fact, I walked over to the door expecting to shut the door myself.

Instead, I found the sacred.

Once I looked through the door, I saw the other side.

Hesitation. Wondering.

Asking, “Am I really supposed to go in there? It’s dark and I was just stopping by to get my iPod and then be on my way to rollerblade and chat with You there….”

But I just had to go.

I had to listen to the Holy Spirit nudge.

I had to pause in this moment where

the distance didn’t feel so wide

Except to get there

To fully be able to engage in the moment

I had to shut the door in front of me

in order to walk to the other door

where I could turn on the side lights

and then walk toward the moment

where tears streamed down my face

with love

for how He left the 99 for the



one matters


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