glimpses of love

sometimes i tuck away glimpses of love and sometimes i even share them here:

As much as I love being outside, I do not do bugs at all. Nope. I am such a girl when it comes to them. Bugs, snakes, rats, mice, um, no thank you very much.  Ticks and leeches especially creep me out.  They make me jump, gag, and run away.

Needless to say when I heard that some kids had been walking in the woods and may have ticks on them, my prayer was please don’t let them get on me!  I turned away when one little girly found one and promptly went to bring it to the bathroom.  I cringed and then tried not to think of it.  Only…my eyes spotted the nasty, crawling bug on my boy’s FACE.  He didn’t notice.  I tried to tell him to get it off, but he couldn’t tell where it was and started to brush the crawling tick.  Only this plan epically failed so that the tick was crawling toward his EYE. Seriously.  My mind went into over drive thinking: “Oh my goodness what if the tick crawled in his eye and got stuck. Or what if you can’t ever get it out or like he loses his eye.”

So, I kicked into action and got that bug off his face into a napkin.  I let another brave boy who actually likes bugs dispose of it.

Now for the Jesus Juke because that’s how my head works.

My little man didn’t “do” anything wrong.  He didn’t go anywhere he wasn’t supposed to go.  He went on an adventure that happened to include some potential danger.

Maybe.  Just maybe. Sometimes when we’re walking along the path something foreign comes flying at us and latches on trying to hurt us.  Sometimes it does hurt us. badly. horribly. to the core. Even though we went in with innocence, sometimes those ticks dig in their teeth and leave scars and open wounds.  BUT that doesn’t mean someone who loves us can’t come in and get that nasty tick off that we can’t get.

Sometimes maybe we need to turn to look at Love and be willing to let Love touch us. To let love remove what is harmful even when we can’t see it or feel it.

See, Love doesn’t shy away from the messy, hard parts of life, but engages and connects especially when we’re trying to hide.  That’s what He did in the garden.  And He’s still doing it today.

Love is calling out our name.


6 thoughts on “glimpses of love

  1. Good post, girlie. 🙂 Such a good reminder about God and love.

    Oh, and here’s one of my methods for getting ticks off of things (as long as they aren’t latched on)–scotch tape. It nicely picks them up and then I can fold it up in the tape and throw it away.

  2. Remove a tick in less than 1 (one) minute.
    It’s now June of 2011 and it seems the ticks are plentiful this year in Ulster County New York. Whether it is because of the bountiful snowfall we had, providing plenty of moisture as it slowly melted, or the spring rains that are shortening our weeks to 4 days instead of 7, the tick population must be exploding. We have heard more reports of ticks on people and animals this year than we have in past years for an entire season.
    Did you know that ticks do not really have “a season”? Ticks can be active at temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit even if it is in the middle of December.
    Do you have your “Tick Twister Pro”?
    Although the name can throw you off a bit the “Tick Twister Pro” does not twist anything. And it most certainly DOES NOT squeeze like tweezers. When used in the correct way the “Tick Twister Pro”, distributed by Twist It Out of Port Ewen, NY, SPINs the entire tick. This spinning action stops the ticks anchoring mechanism, reverse barbs like that on a fish hook, from being able to hold the tick in place any longer. We have been using the Tick Twister and now the Tick Twister Pro since 2006 and have not had a “head” left in the skin, not even once. The ticks are also quite alive when removed making it very easy to have on hand when you decide if it needs to be tested for any diseases. SOME veterinarians will send ticks for testing at no cost to you. DO NOT put the tick between 2 pieces of scotch tape; instead put it in an empty pill bottle or the like. Anything you are not going to want to keep or reuse at some other time.
    In 2007 we went to Maryland and Assateague Island. We ended up with ticks all over our socks, sneakers, pants, legs and arms. Upon returning home we had our vet test one of the ticks, which we had kept in a tightly sealed, empty aspirin bottle. The lab called his office to find out why he, our vet, was sending a Lone Star tick to them from New York State. Travel trailers and camping equipment are great ways for ticks to move about and there were a lot of people camping, with and without pets, in Maryland when we went.
    Obviously we, at Twist It Out, do NOT recommend using tweezers to remove a tick.
    Why? Squeezing can cause the tick to move fluids from itself and into you (or your pet). This “regurgitation” is the substance which may contain the infectious diseases.
    We do not care how good a pair of tweezers claims to be or how fine the points are (finer is going to be weaker) TWEEZERS SQUEEZE. It isn’t any ones fault; it is just the nature of the way the tool was designed. So, please, don’t use tweezers that squeeze the tick when you are trying to get one off yourselves or your animals.
    ANY swelling and redness, the dreaded “bulls eye” rash or flu like symptoms would warrant a visit to your own doctor.
    Be well and be safe everyone.
    Keep your animal loved ones safe too.

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