quiet. quick prompts!

a black screen on your computer tends to quiet your fingers even if there’s a tangled mess of words swirling around your heart and mind. this little “break” turned into a bit longer than anticipated. though, my new computer is totally “in transit” and hopefully here tomorrow or saturday!

in the meantime, i thought i’d throw out some fun quick writing prompts. i’m going to throw in my short answers and i’d love to hear some of yours!

 reasons why people lie…to hide

did you know that….currently on my bed i have 10 books, about 8 pillows, a sleeping bag, a computer, a computer bag, my purse, two packages…i think it says that i don’t like sleeping alone.

my first flight…. i absolutely loved. i went with a friend when we were in middle school to go to a tennis camp.

the present that i would like to receive…a hug or a plane ticket to south africa or really just something that says i was spontaneously thinking of you and love you with some words thrown in to say that. and then a few things i’m keeping between god and me =)

on the other side of that door….you won’t know what you’ll find unless you open it…sometimes opening takes knocking and knocking. persistence. sometimes it means you have to find a new door.

the last time i saw him….i bawled my eyes out.

a place i pass by every day….the door to my room with the “love from africa” giraffe postcard.

my ben & jerry’s flavor….mint chocolate cookie. i just tried red velvet cake too and so delicious.

my starbucks drink of choice…PTL passion tea lemonade. praise the lord! hehe, makes me smile every time.

i love watching…so you think you can dance. seriously amazing. music and emotion rolled into a power punch. i also do like planet earth like whoa! and birds flying over the water and sunsets and kids playing and love.


8 thoughts on “quiet. quick prompts!

  1. reasons why people lie…..fear
    did you know that….hurt people hurt people
    my first flight…..Dramamine
    the present that i would like to receive…words
    on the other side of that door….could be someone needing something from you
    my ben & jerry’s flavor….never had it
    my starbucks drink of choice…..Pumpkin Spice Latte
    i love watching……my Grands playing and listening to them

    • hurt people hurt people. sigh. breaks my heart but it’s so true.
      and you’ve never had any ben & jerry’s! you should try some because it’s delicious.

  2. reasons why people lie…they’re selfish.

    did you know that….i sleep with my two big toes interlocked. not sure why. but i do. there you go.

    my first flight…. I was 19, moving to SC from KY to get married. It was a puddle-jumper plane and I was freaked out. But now I love flying.

    the present that i would like to receive…a week long trip on a cruise with my hubby and money to spend and not feel guilty that we really shouldn’t spend it.

    on the other side of that door….could be the chance of a lifetime . . .

    the last time i saw him….i kissed him goodbye.

    a place i pass by every day….this little area of town where it’s mainly hispanic. i see men on the street waiting for someone to give them a job. . .

    my ben & jerry’s flavor….chocolate chip cookie dough. hands down.

    my starbucks drink of choice…caramel macchiato with an extra pump of vanilla.

    i love watching…my 4 year old chase her daddy around the house, giggling and screaming when he “scares” her. makes me laugh out loud no matter how rotten my day has been or what kind of bad mood I’m in.

    • oo selfish. that’s a good answer!

      talented way to sleep. i don’t even know if i could really make that happen easily!

      oh on you’re way to get married! cute.

      yum. i LOVE cookie dough. so good.

      your kiddo and husband sound adorable. love it.

  3. reasons why people lie…to protect others

    did you know that….

    my first flight…I believe was to go to Seaworld. It was on PSA Airlines & our plane looked like this: http://bit.ly/jPn8hp

    the present that i would like to receive…A trip to Austin for my birthday.

    on the other side of that door…could be my future and I’m praying to see if we’re supposed to open it.

    the last time i saw him…I was half asleep and he gave me the longest good bye kiss.

    a place i pass by every day…A mountain that has this tree on it. I can only see the silhouette against the sky, but it’s my tree. (I pass it everyday on my way to work)

    my ben & jerry’s flavor…Chubby Hubby

    my starbucks drink of choice…Decaf non-fat latte, or lately an iced decaf iced skinny caramel macchiato.

    i love watching…The roar of the ocean.

    • good point…i’ve done that…

      ha love that you went and found a picture! too fun.

      praying that those doors hold amazing things!!

      aw i have “my” tree too! love it. not on my drive to work though which is kind of sad. do you have a picture of your tree?

      i haven’t tried chubby hubby. sounds interesting.

      and man i LOVE the ocean. so beautiful and lulls me to sleep.

  4. reasons why people lie…they are scared

    did you know that….I like my sandwhiches cut diagonally into triangles not rectangles. It makes me smile every time!

    my first flight….can’t remember… I have flown so often for so long I have no idea

    on the other side of that door….is excitement and ADVENTURE… open the door!

    the last time i saw him….i had butterflies and stuttered over every word

    a place i pass by every day….the beautiful forrest outside my apartment…smack dab in the middle of Nashville

    my ben & jerry’s flavor…anything with PB and chocolate

    my starbucks drink of choice…iced black tea sweetened…I can’t stand the smell of coffee though so I rarely go

    i love watching…young children interact with babies…it makes them feel so grown up!

    Katy you’re awesome BTW! =D

    • yay for triangle sandwiches! i love my cheese sandwiches with tomato soup cut into four little bite size squares.

      you’ve got such an ADVENTURE coming up!

      ooo butterflies make my heart happy. love them.

      mmm i love me some PB.

      i agree. i’m not a coffee fan. i can handle the smell, but i don’t drink it.

      i saw that today! it was adorable!!

      btw, you’re amazing!!

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