Every Day…in 5 minutes

Every day lately I fight.  I get up in the morning fighting off the residual feelings left over from the night before.  There’s something about the time before bed that makes my head race and my heart ache.  I fill my bed with things hoping to feel just a little tucked in and safe.  The tears seem to become my friend lately and I still fight them.  I fight the battle between letting myself feel and grieve and “not going there.”

Every day I catch glimpses of love.  Written across the sky in a sunset or in the way I hear laughter or watch children playing or soak up the moments.  I see it. I do and it makes the fight a little easier.  The exhale comes a little sooner.

Every day I wrestle with questions in my head and want to know Him better.  To replace the lies with truth.  I want to see Him clearly for who He is and not let what I’ve experienced get in the way.


5 minutes. Writing. Exhaling my every day.  There’s so much more I could say…I could try to put some prettier red bows to make myself more comfortable with my every day, but there’s that rule about not editing….so, there’s a glimpse. a part of the full truth.

your turn. tell me about your every day.


quiet. quick prompts!

a black screen on your computer tends to quiet your fingers even if there’s a tangled mess of words swirling around your heart and mind. this little “break” turned into a bit longer than anticipated. though, my new computer is totally “in transit” and hopefully here tomorrow or saturday!

in the meantime, i thought i’d throw out some fun quick writing prompts. i’m going to throw in my short answers and i’d love to hear some of yours!

 reasons why people lie…to hide

did you know that….currently on my bed i have 10 books, about 8 pillows, a sleeping bag, a computer, a computer bag, my purse, two packages…i think it says that i don’t like sleeping alone.

my first flight…. i absolutely loved. i went with a friend when we were in middle school to go to a tennis camp.

the present that i would like to receive…a hug or a plane ticket to south africa or really just something that says i was spontaneously thinking of you and love you with some words thrown in to say that. and then a few things i’m keeping between god and me =)

on the other side of that door….you won’t know what you’ll find unless you open it…sometimes opening takes knocking and knocking. persistence. sometimes it means you have to find a new door.

the last time i saw him….i bawled my eyes out.

a place i pass by every day….the door to my room with the “love from africa” giraffe postcard.

my ben & jerry’s flavor….mint chocolate cookie. i just tried red velvet cake too and so delicious.

my starbucks drink of choice…PTL passion tea lemonade. praise the lord! hehe, makes me smile every time.

i love watching…so you think you can dance. seriously amazing. music and emotion rolled into a power punch. i also do like planet earth like whoa! and birds flying over the water and sunsets and kids playing and love.