a crack

i feel like i let open a little crack and

now i’m just waiting for the floodgates

to open up and overwhelm me

a crack in the door that leads to

finding words to the parts

of my story

that i don’t share

with anyone

those parts of the story

that scare me

that i don’t want to even


let alone feel

yet they are the parts

that leave the gaping open wounds

still on my battered and bruised body

with these wounds

i don’t want your words

i don’t want you to shove me under the rug

i don’t want you to suffocate me by silencing my words

or parade me as a spectacle

or put me on display like the adulterous woman

i want you to sit with me

cry with me

grieve with me

carry me to Jesus

and care just a little


9 thoughts on “a crack

  1. Sending hugs your way. Love you, Katy… through all the parts of your story, even the parts you’ve never shared with me. I’m thankful for your encouragement and friendship. Love you!

  2. He makes all the parts of your story beautiful, Katy… because He weaves them to grow you into the woman you are today: beautiful.

  3. i’m so out of the blogging loop.
    share this part, kate. this part of pain and fear and it is in the sharing of that par tyou feel freedom and joy and love.
    you. are. loved.
    He. is. stronger.

    • i’m hoping for something out of all this brokenness…guess it’s worth a try? =)
      he. is. stronger.
      thanks for always being an encouragment, bek. you’re fabulous.

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