deep breath…of hope


I breathe her in and start with just a little taste.  She seems familiar, but it’s been so long since I’ve tasted her goodness. I thought I didn’t want her hanging around, but then I slowly started letting her come back to play.  Once I started boldly and consistently confessing trust, there she was.  She showed up with her bright sun rays and dancing laughter.  She wanted me to come dream with her.    

Now, with trust, I’m un-digging my heels and stopping my tantrum to learn even more about trusting fully, but hope? That just seems a bit…risky.

Except the funny thing about hope is that she sneaks up on you.  You start trusting God with those heart desires and next thing you know hope has blossomed.  Deserts into Eden.  A beauty in the waiting with hope and anticipation.  A face set on His best no matter what it looks like.  So, I breathe her in deep even though it’s not what I intended.  A deep breath of resting and enjoying…the Gardener who is making my deserts oh so beautiful. 

Come play along with the 5 minutes of free writing on “Deep Breath.”

What are you breathing deeply lately? What are you hopeful for?

22 thoughts on “deep breath…of hope

  1. “Deserts into Eden”. Oh Yes! How God masterfully transforms our deserts into Eden. This was pure lovely. Thank you for that image. I will hold onto that. Blessings to you!! (came over from Gypsy mama) 😉

    • yes, He does! i’ve been clinging to that image for months now and am stuck on it. it’s so encouraging and hope-filled!
      always fun to see new faces and i love that about 5 minute fridays =)

  2. my friend.

    at very first, i didn’t know that ‘hope’ was not a person. and so when i read ‘She showed up with her bright sun rays and dancing laughter.’ i thought you were talking about a little girl in africa.

    (go with me here. i’m running on little sleep today.)

    and then when i read that she wanted you to dream with her…i have a friend named dar who, every few (at least) years or so we will get together and just dream – for ourselves, for one another.

    and then i realized you were actually talking about the thing of hope. the verb of hope.

    and i realize hope the person is the little girl in us who does dance with her contagious laughter married to the grown woman in us who dreams big dreams still.

    and so, today, you {and my errant ways} fill me up with hope.

    love you, friend.


    • oh man. i seriously love the idea of hope as being a cute little girl dancing around in africa. sigh.
      just for fun i looked up to see if i could find the sesotho or zulu word for hope and i found out that it’s practically the same word as trust! made me ponder quite a bit and be like whoa god.
      and i love the idea of getting together with friends and just dreaming…dreaming big and encouraging each other in those. my friend carrie and i do that and i love it and soak it up.
      and yes…i love the picture of both the little girl and the grown one working together to dance and dream and see it happen before her eyes.
      love you and thank you for making me dig a bit and see something i didn’t at first!

  3. Just love the idea of breathing Hope! my younger daughter’s middle name is Hope, bc I think the idea/thought of Hope is so…. peaceful, optimistic, and perfect.

  4. Ditto the beautiful comments. And in your first few words I was reminded that hope can replace food which I tend to use in filling my worries. But hope is so much sweeter! With Joy, Carey

  5. Katy, this is briliant – I love it. Choosing hope, can be so tough, it is a risk, but I feel if we don’t take that step, we lose everything. I too like to sit around, dream big, and just soak up ideas for the future, full of hope. Sometimes, our intentions are so very different from his plans, but his thoughts bring HOPE to our minds, to our breath to our life. Thank you for your lovely words, have a great weekend. Nics

  6. I love this post. Hope is one of those things that is so easily lost and not so easily found. Great writing. I think that hope and grace are 2 of the most beautiful words. Thanks for sharing!

    • oooo good point about adding grace in the mix. sometimes i think He gives us grace so that we can still hope in the hard and that we can get our hope back =)

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