5 minute Friday…

Ready Go!

Motherhood should come with….

a reminder to soak up the moments, to love with abandon, to love in a way that oozes jesus…a reminder to remember there was a time you longed for this. a time you longed for babies to fill your arms. a reminder to love those who are longing for babies of their own. that you can be a mama to people who don’t have one or who desperately ache for a place to belong, a home, someone to hold them when they are. motherhood should come with a reminder that even though those babies are so your priority…it doesn’t mean you can’t let god set other people in your family too. because. there are those who hurt and cry. who just want to be home. who are are waiting. a painful wait. but really, mothers, you are lovely.


p.s. this prompt hurt a little, a little welly eyed…left me grasping for words and feeling so *not* a mother {yet} and holding onto a little tiny shred of hope in the waiting. but there’s that little rule about not editing and not going back. so….yes…sigh to clinging to trust. ย now, YOUR TURN! =)

p.s.s. just sayin’ i like writing these when they come out…but i so don’t like that i’m in a different timezone as the gypsy mama. because then i would rather just post after i write, but then it’s on thursday not friday, but it’s east coast friday. but then i like that we’re in different time zones because i would SO be asleep by midnight and even 11 is stretching it past my happy 10:30 bedtime. plus, i like to write before i read others so then i’m not influenced. so it just works better to write right away. ย just thought i’d let you all know what goes through my mind about these posts and time. oh and i’m writing this while i wait for the writing prompt. =)

22 thoughts on “5 minute Friday…

  1. The waiting sounds hard, but beautiful in its own way. I pray that He fills your life with all of a mother’s heart as you wait. Trust in Him, for He is good. I love how free-flowing your words about love are – such a beautiful and true reminder. Thank you.

    • me too! i picked it up somewhere…i’d totally give credit if i remember who i heard it from, but it’s such a great visual image for me and obviously it stuck with me!

  2. Thank you for letting your heart speak. I have waited. And raged at the waiting, and despaired at the waiting, and been afraid by the waiting. And now, wonder of wonders, joy of joy, it’s here. Your post made me a little welly too. By it’s subject and by it’s beauty. But it’s good to feel intensely about something so big. And it’s brave to share. God bless you –

    • ohhh amy thank you for speaking about your journey in a real way and i love how you phrased it as “wonder of wonders, joy of joy, it’s here.” now that is a cause for celebration. through long, hard roads come an even greater reason to rejoice.

    • sigh…praying for you in your waiting. so proud of you for sharing even in the hard and persevering. he does have a good plan even if it’s hard to believe.


      haha..might as well do something to pass the time ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Beautiful. I LOVE this: “a reminder to soak up the moments, to love with abandon, to love in a way that oozes jesus.” And more. Thank you for these five minutes.

  4. Hey KATY

    Your post is awesome, and I am sooooooooooooooooo with you on the waiting, I think it is the hardest thing ever, this waiting, and waiting, and wondering when it will end. But I choose HOPE, and I pray that for us both the wait will be over soon. Be blessed, Nics

    ps loving your blog.

    • amen. choosing hope is the way to go even if it is hard. because He is our hope and He never fails!
      praying for you right now as you wait even in the hard. He is faithful and there is purpose in the waiting.
      p.s thanks!

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