If I Knew I Could, I Would…


Jump a plane to Africa.  Open up an orphanage step up with house parents and opportunities for women to be empowered. Help those littles find forever families.  Love on lots of babies. Teach and teach some more. Write and write until my heart’s on paper in a way that shares the hard and the good.  Play and love and dance and sing and laugh and have fun. Marry that man who I don’t think I know yet but who I secretly hope dreams and longs and aches and loves Africa like I do and is maybe just maybe wondering if there’s a girl who loves it as much as he does.  If I knew I could, I would live out the passions in my heart and make God smile as I do it.


–Just sayin’ I like the last line the best. The lines before…they’re just glimpses and not the full picture…they’re ponderings in the making…a few of the things that come to mind when i shut my eyes tight. they’re the things i see with blurred edges….the God, I would love to do this or have this happen or for you to bless me abundantly in these ways, but I’m learning to die to self and to trust that You know what’s best and know the best timing. a letting go, a waiting.

your turn! so excited to hear about what you would do if you knew you could…almost like the question i love to ask: what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?


32 thoughts on “If I Knew I Could, I Would…

  1. Beautiful! I want to make God smile too! Interesting how seldom it occurs to us that it’s not only okay, it is GOOD to live out the passions in our heart that He put there 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I’m praying for you this evening!

    • i know, isn’t it funny?! at least i get all caught up and forget that it is *good* to live out those passions and that it’s not a bad thing to enjoy life and that He really did create us for an abundant life, a life to the full! thanks for the prayers too!

  2. It’s so great to look into the hearts of so many amazing women seeking God’s will. I said a prayer for you that God will give you the desires of your heart. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

    • thanks for the prayers and i agree it’s so fun to see the ways God made each of us and to glimpse into each other’s hearts and see part of His heart too!

  3. Katy! I love this too…with you in so many ways though I do have the in-the-flesh husband–I think you know this, but to truly know His best (especially here) can take a good deal of waiting, but LIVING too! I really think you do this and LOVE YOUR HEART:)

  4. I would fully and wholeheartedly go after my dreams of becoming a photographer. I wouldn’t let anything get in the way of that!

    • sigh. love that others can pick up and hope and know big for me and encourage when i’m still wrestling with the hope there is a “my man”
      thanks friend.

  5. Oh, wow, I could have written this! Really. My heart echoes much of yours. I am so anxious to see what God will do with my desires. Your blog is just lovely, and I am thankful to have found it!
    Be Blessed~ Tiffany

    • aw! praying for those desires He’s put in your heart and for His good plan! excited to get to know you better too! i love meeting people with similar hearts =)

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