cloudy and fuzzy: do you enjoy god?

the weather lately has been rainy and cloudy.  my head is a bit cloudy and my throat hurts. my heart feels fuzzy around the edges. tattered. weary. ready for bed. sleep to chase away these cluttered thoughts. i mull over the next question in that little book that i thought would be an “easy” read because oh you know…i know who i am and what i’m about…or i thought i did… first that book was asking me to relinquish those dreams. the ones that as i wrote i realized weren’t future dreams, but were stuck in the past. the next little chunk started asking if i am sacrificing to know god or to go along with the crowd. then it reminded me that the first step in dipping into the satisfaction of god is letting go of our futile quests of satisfaction outside of Him. as if those two didn’t already have me reeling and then it stopped me in my tracks with this question…

do you enjoy god? 

so, how about you…do you enjoy god? are you satisfied by Him?

4 thoughts on “cloudy and fuzzy: do you enjoy god?

  1. I think the “good Christian answer” is to say that we ARE satisfied by God, but a lot of times, we let our circumstances get in the way of God satisfying us. We say, “If only this would happen, then I would be satisfied!” But really, all we need is love…the love of God!

    P.S. I was searching the web for new blogs to read, and I found your precious blog! Thanks for writing such happy thoughts!! 🙂

    • amen. all we need is god. we so often turn to other things to find that satisfaction and it so so is UNsatisfying! thank goodness He is satisfying and will satisfy if we let Him.
      glad you found your way here and i do like the happy thoughts!

  2. I will have to honestly say “no”, I am not allowing God to be the soul satisfaction of my life. My heart and flesh cry out. My heart is willing, but my flesh is weak. I am thankful He never leaves this work in progress.

    • love your honesty! i agree…I am SO very thankful He doesn’t leave us and will finish the good work He started.
      i’m right there with you on the “no.” frustrating for me to answer that and makes me sad but i know god wants me to be honest with Him and not play the liar.

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