a purpose

There is a purpose in the waiting. You are not forgotten. He is holding your hand.

Bind up these broken bones. Mercy bend and breathe me back to life. But not before you show me how to die.

And so…I camp out and wrestle with learning how to die alongside these thoughts from “Five Little Questions” by Dannah Gresh (the title is deceiving…they totally are heart booty kicking questions.)

Look with the eyes of your heart so you can see the hope God desires to pour into you so you can follow His footprints to His perfect plan.

Are you prepared to relinquish those unrealized dreams that God never planned to be yours?

The place of our suffering is the place where we find the hope for freedom to live the life God designed for us. Embracing it gives us the courage to move past our fears.

Afraid there’s no hope for you? Look with the eyes of your heart. There is hope.

Your turn (i’d love to sit at your feet and listen to learn from your heart…): What are some desires that God has shown you? Have you had to relinquish unrealized dreams and if so, what helped you along the way? What does hope look like for you? Any other thoughts?


4 thoughts on “a purpose

  1. My heart knows this. My heart feels the aching.

    “Are you prepared to relinquish those unrealized dreams that God never planned to be yours?”

    … I don’t know. I want to be, but I just don’t know. I just want God to rip it off like a band-aid. I know I will cry like a child, but it would be easier that way. I know underneath the band-aid there will be healed wounds, but I won’t ever see the healing until he rips it off and shows me.

    • i agree…god just ripping them off would definitely be easier and sometimes He does. but i think…for me at least, there’s so much character building and so much that i learn when i both rip it off with Him and at least give it to Him rather than be stubborn and say you have to…i don’t know. just pondering. and i think for me it’s that question more so of okay god you need to show me first which are the dreams that aren’t mine and which dreams are.

  2. this quote gets me every time. . .”Are you prepared to relinquish those unrealized dreams that God never planned to be yours?” it cuts like a knife, piercing my depths because i have lived out its truth.

    i don’t know that you are ever prepared to relinquish those deepest dreams. more often than not for me, they have been pried from my death grip. . .breaking my fingers along the way. {maybe it’s because i’m so dang stubborn.}

    watching my engagement crumble and beloved nosedive off a cliff just about killed me. some days i still think it might. we had so many dreams. . .beautiful dreams. but at least at this moment, it appears the Lord has something different. . .and right now, i still have a very love/hate relationship with that fact.

    • i agree…i don’t know if i’m ever prepared or going to be prepared or if it’s just one of those things you just have to jump or you’ll sit around waiting for the perfect conditions that will never come. just making excuses. so, definitely more of a okay i’m doing this even though i’m not prepared.

      and yes…mine have been pried from my fingers as well.

      your last part breaks my heart….but you know what…it made me realize that so many of the dreams i’m holding tight to and death gripping aren’t dreams for the future…oddly, they are dreams in the past that i still haven’t let go. which seems silly because they can’t happen because things happened a different way! but i’m still stomping my feet and upset that those dreams aren’t happening…a different letting go…mmmhmm

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