today i…

Today I felt…hopeful

Today I saw…sunshine

Today I ate…brownies after a long bike ride

Today I kissed…sigh, no one.

Today I bought…nothing, but i am still pondering about buying a cute hat!

Today I heard…birds, a rush of clapping and praise, the whir of bicycle wheels

Today I lost…part of my fear

Today I decided…to share my heart on waiting

Today I need…god

Today I wish…for the things better pondered in my heart than shared on the screen

Your turn! Share your “Today I…” in the comments!

Mine are from yesterday since today hasn’t finished yet =)

light-hearted days off are perfect for making fun lists. 

ht: fmm

11 thoughts on “today i…

  1. Today I felt…contemplative

    Today I saw…sunshine

    Today I ate…lemon pepper chicken salad. . . yum.

    Today I kissed…hubby and my girls.

    Today I bought…nothing. Money’s too tight right now.

    Today I heard…kids laughing as I ran.

    Today I lost…1 pound. Woot!

    Today I decided…on a new exercise schedule.

    Today I need…grace. Lots of grace.

    Today I wish…for a prosperous job for hubby.

    (Mine are basically from yesterday too! )

    • way to lose a pound! that’s hard work!! and a new exercise schedule–that’s legit and fun. i’m excited to start getting outside more with my runs and biking.
      praying for a job for the husband!

  2. Today I felt…stressed out.

    Today I saw…my huge family.

    Today I ate…a massive Easter brunch

    Today I kissed…my sweet brother Hart-who is 6. =D

    Today I bought…nothing.

    Today I heard…the laughter and screams of my 30 family members at our reunion.

    Today I lost…part of my people-pleaser tendency.

    Today I decided…to be kind, even when I was feeling grumpy.

    Today I need…God and his grace.

    Today I wish…for my heart to continue to grow more obedient to God above all else.

    Mine are also from yesterday!

    • way to go on losing the people-pleaser tendency…that is hard to do but so worth it! i keep repeating “let me hear you clearly and obey you directly” =)
      hope monday was less stressful for you!

  3. Today I felt…loved by those near & far away.

    Today I saw…God’s grace

    Today I ate…Trader Joe’s Crunchy Green Beans:

    Today I kissed…My husband

    Today I bought…An iced decaf skinny caramel macchiato

    Today I heard…Forest Sun on Pandora (falling in love with this group)

    Today I lost…sleep (work day couldn’t sleep in)

    Today I decided…

    Today I need…make sweet salsa.

    Today I wish…to be grace filled

    • ooo you saw god’s grace. tangibly?
      and i love me some trader joe’s. i will have to add those to my list to try! the nearest one is 2 hours away so i don’t get to go often 😦
      i’m going to go listen to that group now now…
      and you totally just made me crave salsa!

    • ooo yeah! biking is great and summer is finally on its way…here at least. hopefully you’re getting nice weather too! and nice to meet you as well =)

  4. Today I felt…bored

    Today I saw…lots of coworkers

    Today I ate…muffins & chicken & greek yogurt with fruit

    Today I kissed…no one

    Today I bought…gas.

    Today I heard…the copier go on and on and on

    Today I lost…nothing, so far.

    Today I decided…to say no to a social engagement and just relax

    Today I need…adventure!

    Today I wish…the fulfillment of His Word/promises.

    • greek yogurt with blueberries is my fave!
      relaxing and resting is definitely needed at times…and to remember not to feel guilty about taking time to do that (i usually feel guilty about it…just sayin’)
      and that wish reminds me of the song waiting here for you and how it talks about how He is everything He’s promised. mmmhmm, selah.

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