“Meanwhile I rest in the fact that I am loved so completely and never again need to grasp for love from those around me.” -Ruth Myers 31 Days of Drawing Near to God

this is my heart’s cry.

to rest so securely in His love.

to rest in who He made me to be.


what’s your heart’s cry? how do you find rest in His love?


4 thoughts on “rest

  1. I love the photo you included with this post – it just makes me smile deep.

    How do I find rest in His love? Honestly – that’s so a work in progress. In my current season, I’m telling myself what I know to be true but not always necessarily feeling it. There’s a lot mulling around that pushes me out of rest, even when it’s exactly what I crave.

    • me too…all my mulling and wrestling sometimes just leaves me so restless. i recently listened to a bill johnson sermon that talked about how we go through seasons where we live out of the principles rather than the experience…he put it better, but i was like ohhh hm. made me think for sure.

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