thankful & trusting monday

Last year as part of my journey with joy, I recorded and kept track of the things that brought me joy or that I was thankful for throughout the day.  On Mondays, I would do a little recap and share some of them.  Here’s my thought today with a few pictures…and words that scratch the surface of the depth of being thankful for africa…

(above: photo taken the day i left africa….  below: mmmhmm a recent photo!)

dear africa,

thank you for showing my heart a home. thank you for breaking me. thank you for letting me see God in new ways. thank you for stirring up passion. thank you for opening my eyes.  thank you for being beautiful, glorious, messy, and lovely. thank you for letting me love you. thank you for letting me love you even now from afar. thank you for keeping my heart.



p.s. i’m trusting i’ll see you in His timing. especially since i hold you in my heart and you hold my heart. ke a o rata.


2 thoughts on “thankful & trusting monday

    • me too. even though it hurts being away from home. i am still thankful for the heart He’s fashioned with Africa woven ever so tightly in it.

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