On Distance


The distance between my head and my heart often gets in the way. I know things, but my heart lags behind.  I know the words, but I don’t believe them yet. I step out and then I step back. I let the things that should be far back in the distance of my past alter my present.  The hurts, the tears, the ache.  They all seemingly press into my future, but I don’t want them to cause me to miss a moment. God is ever the gentleman waiting for me to hand over my broken pieces.  He’s waiting for me to be strong and courageous while encouraging me, pursuing me, and loving me right where I am.

Mostly, He gets it.  He gets me.  He gets the way the 3000 mile trek to Africa makes my eyes get welly all.the.time.  He gets that I’m learning and asking questions.  Learning still how to do life here. Seeing that things are different.  People are different. Ministry is different. Life is different.  Even as I long for the 3000 mile distance to disappear, He calls me to be “all-in” with Him and Him only.  To live in the uncomfortable distance.  Of wanting and waiting.  Of learning how to go slow rather than jump.  To test the waters and make sure this is the distance He wants me to go.  To learn that trust and hearts are given bits at a time. To operate out of the deep wells that He filled.

He beckons me to keep walking with Him even when I don’t know the distance.


(Prompt from Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama.)

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16 thoughts on “On Distance

  1. katy,

    i don’t think i’ve been to your blog before!

    what a beautiful, sad, and wonderful prose, friend. walking with jesus is…hurts…and fills…and keeps us true…

    i look forward to following more of your journey.


    • ah! so glad to see you here and i’m excited to get to “know” you better and learn more of your story.
      and yes…amazing how the walking it out can hurt and be painful. the pruning is necessary but it certainly does create an ouch factor.

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