horizontal affects the vertical: relationships

God likes to grab my attention from all angles to keep asking me to trust, to learn how to trust, to rebuild trust, and to process/see why I don’t trust.

Tired, cried out, and ready to fall into bed I flipped through the pages of a book I happened to pick up.  I already had another “get real” with Jesus talk and came out grasping a bit of peace so I thought the fight was over for the night.

I didn’t expect much to hit me from the book since its title (Spiritual Adoption) steered me thinking it would be an interesting, but not necessarily heart booty kicking book for me.  I was wrong. Right away I read a section that outlined how the development of trust occurs when basic needs are met and this translates into trusting God.  Furthermore, when we know that the “adopted parent” will not leave or abandon then we can understand that God will not leave or abandon us.  Basically indicating and showing the profound impact our horizontal relationships have on our vertical relationship with God while indicating that we need to establish a stable horizontal relationship to re-establish the vertical trust (still processing this and I know God is big and can do whatever He wants…but just some thoughts to chew on…).  Plus, all of this lead into a whole chapter on Developing Trust (holla 2011 one word) Sigh….

While we’re on connections…the song above I liked when I heard but I only recently listened to the lyrics other than the chorus:

How can I trust in the fact that you never let me go?

Been left so many times
Felt like nobody could know the sound that my heart makes when it starts to break
And the pain that I hate waits for me every day
And yet I lie awake alive and still breathing
Hoping that this time in my life is just a season
Believe in the words You spoke to Your people
How you never leave even though we couldn’t see you
How you make us prosper even though we couldn’t pay you back
Now there’s nothing that I lack

Please don’t let me go


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