think about it tuesday

*The world we live in is consumed with instant gratification, and it can be easy to desire a “quick fix” when it comes to the wounds in our soul….It is impossible to “fast-track” this process because it is during this time that we are being prepared for all that He desires to do through us. –Christine Caine

Lord, forgive me for the times I want to skip ahead of the preparation that needs to be done before moving forward.  Help me see the value in waiting and seeing.  Hold my aching heart while I wait and do the healing work that needs to be done.

*“It’s really scary being vulnerable! It takes courage, but it will strengthen your connection.” Can I be real with you? Can you handle who I am? Will you still value me? Will you still love me as I am? Mature love says, “Yes!” –Danny Silk

Not everyone will respond “YES!” to my messy and that’s okay. I am messy and there is beauty in the brokenness.  Somewhere in the midst of the real is where deep connections of the heart are made.  Lord, help me be a person that lets others be messy, live in their questions, and mostly that shows them that I LOVE them and can handle the real and still value them and so desire them to be real and honest.

*They weren’t worried about who knew what they were doing or what publicity they were receiving…. they were concerned about the people they were helping….. –Mo

it’s not about me. change my view and thinking.

*I think God wants to dialogue about the desires we have that didn’t get met. I don’t think he wants us to fake it and shine up our hurts as if they didn’t….I think he wants us to be honest about those things so that in those moments he can hold us, he can comfort us and he can reveal our true good things. –Jon Acuff

not all my desires are going to be met. sometimes You just have something bigger and better than I can imagine, but You still want me to wrestle it out with You and I am ever so thankful I can bring my hard questions to You and be honest because there in the tears, the ache, the longing, the frustration…You meet me.

What do these quotes say to you?


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