let it be

I read Bianca’s post about leading with the end in mind and about what people will remember. Then I read about amazing-ness of life and babies breathing air for the first time over at Lisa-Jo’s. Then I remembered hearing about kids needing to stay out of puddles while playing.  And here’s where my heart went…

People (i hope!) aren’t going to remember how many days I worked out or how many times I ate an extra cookie or if I kept my room exceptionally clean or my desk was clear and my to do list done…they’re going to remember the times that I saw them, that I stopped to talk to them and hear them. The time I took to hear their stories and the way I carry their stories with me. The hugs. The laughter. The silliness. The tears and just sitting together during the hard.  Crying together.  The times I got down just to look into their eyes and really see them.  The times I engaged with them and loved them well.

And so, yes, i may not be a mama yet and i don’t understand the day in and day out of dirty clothes, messy playrooms, and food over the floor.  so maybe i’m just still naive and innocent. but here’s where my heart goes when i think about kiddos and life…

play in the puddles with them. splash the car sides while driving on a dirt road just to hear them squeal. get out the bikes and go right through the puddle. get muddy.

bundle up and go out in the snow to make a snowman and a snow angel. trek through the woods.

swing and swing and swing. push them higher and higher. and fall to the ground when your arms are tired and you feel like you can’t do one more underdog and pretend they’ll hit you with their little legs.  then get up and do one more when they beg you to push them high as the sky.

jump in the water with all your clothes on when it’s too hot outside

take silly pictures and make faces.

make forts and leave them up to remind you to not take life too serious. to remind you that you want to create an environment that lets them be just who they are in this very moment.

get up really early to watch the sunrise and don’t forget about the sunset. and then cuddle afterward.

get flour all over the kitchen and in your hair. throw sugar in the air. eat the cookie dough (vegan style of course so it’s safe!).

throw bean bags all around the floor and jump on them

spin and spin and spin a few more times just for fun. not to mention twirl in dresses.

get paint on your jeans. it’ll make you smile later when you miss your babies.

in all honesty, i write this to remind myself so even when i am a mama blessed with all those things and i remember the importance of letting it be. letting us all just be who we are and soaking up every second of life.

besides. lately. i think god may just be reminding me to be me by remember it’s not about me.

8 thoughts on “let it be

  1. Oh I love this so much! Great reminder for all with kids or those of us who want kiddos! It so is really about the memories, rather than to do list! GOOD STUFF girl!

    • aw thanks! and yes…memories! and it extends really into all areas of relationships not just with kiddos, but with friends and everyone! love that =)

  2. love this. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. I get the wonderful privilege to work with about 15 kids 5 days a week. How am I impacting their lives. Am I doing everything I should be? I’m I being an extension of Christ to them? Am I giving them all I have?

    So many questions and yet feeling so blessed to be able to pour out my love to these kids every day.

    • it’s wrestling with those questions and yet remembering that kids want us to be real and to just be there and listen. they don’t need us pressuring ourselves into a list ha! that lovely being present because we are naturally an extension of Him rather than forcing it.
      keep on pouring into those kiddos! they’ll see Him in you and already do.

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