letting go of things that are of little value

i started thinking about letting go….after i got asked/pondered a few questions/statements yesterday:

what difference does it make that Jesus experienced hell in your place?

live like you have been crucified and have died… it’s not about you…not about what you want…

did jesus die to make us comfortable?

how do you go about life on a daily basis that would give evidence that you’re going to heaven? why would your life be attractive to others?

spend the time that you would enter food & exercise on loseit, count calories, talk about food and exercise…spend it instead thinking and talking about the amazing things God has done, who God is, and focus on the internal and the things that will not pass away like a vapor…there is little value in physical training but godliness has value for ALL things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come…don’t waste time on things that are of little value…(1 timothy 4:8 and 2 cor 4:18)

just a thought or two that challenges my thinking, living, and feeling.


2 thoughts on “letting go of things that are of little value

  1. Beautiful. You are so wonderfully able to put into words and clarify thoughts of the heart~ such a blessing for us~Me.

    • i had a little help from a thing i went to yesterday. guess god just likes to connect the dots and say quit focusing on you and just let go and be…
      love you.

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