and i’m repenting and doing a *sigh*

“Woven somewhere among our expectations and disappointments is the prideful belief that we know what is best for ourselves.” –@anidolheart

Yep. I’m raising my hand and saying, “oh me…”

I like to think that I’m “good enough” and therefore should get what I want. Ha! Hello pride and entitlement.  Only because of Jesus and what He has done am I made clean.  Oh and if we’re adding to the smacking over the head with a two by four….

“Love doesn’t demand or require…it gives!” –Bob Johnson at Bethel Church

Am I being kind of pushy and demanding with my wants and my timeline…oh you better believe I am and have been…hello turning the other way/repenting.


On the flip side, Love gives.  Love gives perfect gifts in Love’s perfect timing.  Love gives us everything we need when we need it.  Love teaches us ask and articulate to others what we need and to ask for help.  Love works all our things out for good.  Love delights in us.  Love calls us by name and holds us when we’re crying over our wants and our timelines being interrupted by Love because Love wants what is BEST for us.

And that…I sit at His feet, curl up in His lap, walk beside Him, ask Him the hard questions, and mostly just be with Him because I want to know Him better so that lodged deep within my heart are the truths about Him and the lies have been broken off.


2 thoughts on “smack

  1. So good! Love gives! It’s all about love. I know that when I am madly in love with Jesus, everything else just falls into place. Thanks for posting the video link of Bob Johnson’s sermon at Bethel!

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