Do you value yourself?

I ask a lot of questions. A lot. Honestly, people walking with me along this path only get a third or a fourth of my questions (and let’s be honest…I struggle enough even bringing up the questions with others–cue fear of rejection, being ignored, too much, not enough…but at the end of the day  it usually wins out that I so want to dig deeper and not just have surface-level relationships that I ask some and am so thankful for those who hear me out and hear my heart–besides more often than not i’m not looking for a red bow though it’d be nice…i just want to get closer to His heart).  So, I wrestle with these questions. Ponder them in my heart. Bring them to God. Go on extra long drives just watching the sunset and listening to Him after I’ve asked so many questions.  Run for miles talking and listening to Him.  Ask godly people.  Some questions sort themselves out, some need fresh perspective, some love mystery, and some just need time.

Here are a few that have {still} been rolling around in my head…

Do you value yourself?

Have you told God how you really feel about that?

God likes to create little themes and connections for me…or He just made me so that I see them ever so nicely 🙂 Either way, it’s oh so lovely that during this time of breaking, He’s exposing how I like to and typically ignore me.  Yep…looking into that one with some pondering and wrestling…hello more questions!

So….what are some questions that you have (lighthearted or serious…i love both!)? Or feel free to answer those above if you can! I’m still working on answering…


8 thoughts on “Do you value yourself?

  1. I’m telling you- we are so much alike. I feel myself in so many of your writings/posts. It’s weird but really cool reading your stuff. 🙂

  2. i love questions. i should specify: i love being asked questions. i’m not so great at asking them, myself. but i love formulating answers. so often, i find myself formulating answers to questions i didn’t ever really ask. that’s how MY brain works.
    and in response… lately, no. and yes. respectively. it’s something that G and i talk about almost every time i really talk with Him. a struggle for me, lately. but, then, i’m realizing more and more that i’m looking for my self-value in the wrong places. i’m not trying to “fill my heart-holes” but i am brushing aside my true identity as a daughter & sister of Christ for other lesser identities (wife, jobless college grad, etc.).

    • ha, i need to have you around in my life more often! i do love articulating answers to questions and can come up with the different sides often but as to going all in that’s where i come up short!
      love that your brain works that way!
      i hear you on the looking for value in the wrong places…i struggle with that so much. trying to control the affirmation rather than let it be a natural state of being from Him.

  3. Hmmmmmmm. 🙂 What a true gift (really!!!) to take the time to ask, to desire an answer, to NOT sail thru this life on the winds of ‘busy’ as an excuse — and miss all He’s created you to be in and through Him. I love your questions (the 1/4 or so I hear 😉 and they/you make ME dig…make me learn (one of your many gifts)…
    I value myself. But it’s a recent discovery (sadly)..sooner is better than 40, but now is better than never! I think the greatest barrier to the value we see in ourselves is the comparisons we use to determine how to place value (in general, with everything/circumstance/person) …those comparisons are worldly, and unworthy of our Creators majesty! Me, you…..we’re a glorious work- and we were created for relationship with our Maker. If we start there, the ‘world comparisons’ just don’t matter 🙂

    • glad you’re seeing it as a gift because it’s kind of just leaving me frustrated right now! and i am oh so thankful that you do listen and hear those questions that i do throw your way. and haha if you want more. let me know 😉
      and agreed….comparisons are so dang tricky and such a pit to fall into and ughhhhh they are such a distraction and cue jealousy and then cue pride and entitlement and it’s all just one big road you don’t want to get on and it’s ridiculous too because they don’t even make you feel good! like of all the sins it’s a lame one. at least others provide the lame temporary fake momentary happiness or whatever. but these are just bitter and painful all the way down.
      like for example. i’m tired of comparing the lovely oh hey you get to be in africa and i’m not therefore god likes you better and i’m not good enough. logically untrue. heartwise. ugh.
      or the if i work out and keep my calories at such and such then wouldn’t it be oh so nice that i could look like this. nope. i think god sometimes it’s tricky and takes control of that and magically adds calories in there so you have to work on the inside issues before you get outside results. that’s my only explanation.
      frustrating. yes. so cue my answer to…do i value myself? um no. working on that or doing something with it.
      oh life 🙂

  4. I don’t have answers to yours, but here is mine.

    Do we, as Christans, pray specifically enough and should we be as bold as to ask God for exactly what we want?

    • it’s that scary/amazingly awesome thought that if we were that intimate and close with God we would know exactly what He wants and would know to ask for that and be able to articulate it so very specifically…perhaps. but there’s a whole lot of other questions that go along with that.
      and i find myself asking myself how often is what i want selfish and self-serving…so sure i can ask but what’s my motive…
      ah the thoughts and questions. like do i ask for specifics and expect them. like do i pray and believe and expect a husband or do i say Your will. but then isn’t it His will to give us the desires of our heart. but then aren’t our hearts full of deceit. and my bunny trails go on and on and on….

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