Meditation of My Heart

Psalm 37

Trust in the Lord and do good

Dwell in the land and feed on His faithfulness

Delight yourself also in the Lord

and He shall give you the desires of your heart

Commit your way to the Lord

Trust also in Him

and He shall bring it to pass

He shall bring forth your righteousness as light

and your justice as the noonday

Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him


I used to scoff at this verse calling it cliche and the verse that everyone wants to run to because they can manipulate it by making God a magic genie to get whatever they “desire.”  I steered clear of it for a long while.  So, when God brought it up as the verse to meditate on, you can imagine my “Uh, no thank you…”  Though, remember how I told you that God’s pretty good at showing me that my ways aren’t His? Yeah, same thing with this verse.  Three weeks later and I’m still rolling it around in my head.

I love how so much of my heart wrestling is packed into a short section.

He shows me how trust is active and not idle.  Trust means doing the good that I know to do.  While calling me home to dwell with Him.  For in His presence is fullness of joy.  With Him, I am full.  I need to eat!  To literally feast off of the ways He has been faithful and praise Him already for the ways He will be faithful yet again.

While being with Him, life is fun. Not a big list. Not a dead God.  A living, active, dynamic God that wants to meet me there.  To let go and enjoy life.  Recognizing that He’s placed desires, hopes, dreams, and passions in my heart to be fulfilled!  He wants me to share those with Him and chase hard after them with Him so that He can get the glory when He brings them to pass.

He reminds me to forgive.  Shows me that a necessary part of letting Him be God is not taking “justice” into my own hands.  Remembering that we are all broken and working out our salvation.  Seeing how He is patient and long-suffering while also disciplining and correcting for our own good when He sees fit.

Finally, showing me that I can rest in Him and wait patiently for Him to act on those desires.  He will bring it to pass, He will be faithful, He will be God and nothing can get in His way.  Not to mention that He gives sweet, amazing, awesome, abundantly beyond all I can ask or imagine gifts.

Now that is the exhale to my bated breath.



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