Sunday Night Love

Have I mentioned that I really love Bethel Church? I do…and I love their free sermons and worship online.  Fills me up especially since my Sundays look a little different now =) I happened to open up Sunday Morning’s worship thinking oh let’s listen to some music…and what I got was an awesome message right to my heart (and right in line with the rest of this week’s posts…come back tomorrow to find out!)

Go here and listen!…otherwise here’s a little summary of what hit my heart from what Bill Johnson opened the service with before I even got to the songs:

Psalms 5:11 Let all those rejoice who put their trust in You. Let them ever shout for joy because You defend them. For You O Lord will bless the righteous with favor and surround them as with a shield.

You know what’s going to be fun in heaven? You’re going to see all the times you were this close to a car wreck or something and the angels just stood in between.  All the times you almost did something stupid…and then God came in.

Do you expect the favor of the Lord to increase in your life? Did you come expecting God’s favor to increase?

God protects what He blesses. The favor of God surrounds us like a shield.  The bible talks about Him encamping around those.  One person camps all around you.

The Bible describes the favor of the Lord as the face of God.  The face of the Lord is all around you.  All around smiling at you, delighting at you.  His smile is so strong that it sets up a barrier around you that keeps you safe.  His favor, His pleasure is in you.  Lamentations says that He gets so excited about you that he leaps in the air with twisting and turning.

When it says to repent, it means to change the way you think.  We know that…so then what should you think about? How about thinking about that.  That God is so thrilled with you right now that He is smiling at you from all sides, He leaps over you with twisting and turning. He’s extremely happy and He’s gotta show somebody so He’s going to show you and He’s going to surprise you.  He’s going to sneak up behind you.

Proverbs says that a person with a gift wherever he turns he prospers.  Let’s say I have a gift.  Let’s say I have a diamond in my pocket that’s worth a million dollars. If I live aware that someone has had favor on me it causes me to prosper everywhere I go.  If I live conscious of the favor that is on my life, it causes me to increase in effectiveness.

I believe the Lord wants you to increase your awareness of favor.  Instead of things just happening…I want you to see the hand of the Lord. The favor of the Lord.  He chose you by name and the favor of the Lord is all around your life. He’s smiling all around you.  No matter where you turn you can’t get away from the smile of the Lord.




2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Love

    • my offhand guess would be in chapter 3 but i’ll have to dig a bit further and check out different versions to see if i can find an exact reference. i don’t think he said the exact one in the video.
      and yay for liking bethel too! =)

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