5 Minute Friday: On Waiting

Start: 10:03 p.m.


A four letter word that causes my eyes to go big sometimes or do a nice little eye roll while the word comes off my tongue with disdain.

I don’t like the word.

I just plain don’t like it.

I want to do.

Being and waiting are so much harder than doing.

So, being told to wait uh no thank you very much. I will pass right on by wait onto go.

Except life sometimes doesn’t give you a choice.

There are some things you can ask why and wrestle all the while trying desperately to do something but in the end you just have to wait.

Lately, I’ve been reminded that the waiting might not be about me at all.  There really probably is not some magical once you’re “enough” or once you’ve worked through “most” of your junk then the waiting will be over.

Which again. Frustrates me to no end. Because I want a list. I want a do this and then you’ll get this.  Hello issues with control, waiting, and just being.

At the end of the day, I know God is good. I know God is for me. I know God is working ALL things out for my good.  I know God keeps His promises.  I know He is faithful.

But part of waiting is living in the in between.  Figuring out how to be comfortable in the uncomfortable.

Oh and there is no neat little bow. Wish there was…and wish I had time to wrap this post up prettier but I don’t.

Stop: 10:08

p.s. so glad to be back writing! this week off for Spring Break has been oh so fantabulous but I definitely missed this space and writing even if my heart has felt a need for quiet, rest, and a chance to test the waters in learning how to just be… =)

p.p.s. if you have any advice for this girl who says wait like a four letter word…please share!


16 thoughts on “5 Minute Friday: On Waiting

  1. So very true…life often doesn’t give us the choices to wait or no…but wait we must. Learning to live in the in-between…that is secret and the stretch!

    • i don’t like uncomfortable or the in between either! ha but yes learning to live with it and focus on what god has called rather than let the uncomfortable be a distraction. thankfully He gives grace to walk it out!

    • eeeeeeeeeeee! less than 24 hours to “wait” hahahha i think i can handle that. besides that’s a waiting with a timeline! i am so much more okay with that usually =)

  2. “Being and waiting is so much harder than doing.” Ha! That could be my life mantra. As much as I do not enjoy doing it, I have to admit that He has defined me in “the in between”. Not only equipped and prepared, but molded my identity. I, too, look for the “neat little bow” but I’m pretty sure it will be lovingly tied on us at the pearly gates. 🙂

    • thank goodness that pretty bow is at the end!! and yes, the most equipping and preparing and molding comes during these times where we just sit and be instead of do…!

  3. Waiting develops patience … God’s timing is always right and sometimes we must wait for others to step up and do what God desires for them to do (it is not always about us, but we must be patient with what God has planned and man can so easily mess that up with his own plan …). Therefore we must wait with patience and know that God wins, no matter how impatient we might be to get things moving again. Waiting develops character, like that of Jesus.
    Imagine being Jesus… and knowing that you were the one that would come to save the world and had to wait until the time was right. Not just about him, but that sinners had to do there part so that he would be able to save the world in a way that there would be no doubt that God is in control and that Jesus is/was the Chosen One that was sent to reunite sinners with God. How long did Jesus have to wait and how much patience did he have to have? He had much more than we have ever had in waiting and his patience is greater than any of us have experienced – they both still wait on us patiently, until the time is right!

  4. “I want to do.”

    Oh yes, girl! I SO get this! One of my bffs told me the other day that the word GO could be used to describe me and yet God has put me in a season of EXTREME waiting and holding and wondering and just being….hard, hard, hard….

    I feel you….

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