light-hearted tuesday

Confession: In my head, I heard light and emphasized the t and thought for a minute or two that oh I might have a catchy, cute blog title…but then I wrote it out and realized no.  So then I started thinking of T words and then I looked them up…(this is how my head works sometimes and this is why prioritizing and  focus is needed!)

Other fun T words: Tabula, Tahiti, Teacake, Teetotaler, Theologize, Tall Tale, Timely, Tombola, Torr, Trail, Trailblazing, Trek, Trifecta, Trusty, Trustworthy, Trustful, Truthful, Twiddle

And well, it is supposed to be a light-hearted, fun blog post so at least thus far everything fits with the theme.  However, here is what I really meant to come post:

Now doesn’t that just make you want to go eat!?

Me too…

This little lovely meal packs a punch for only 513 calories (most of which are in that delicious drink…) Without the drink, the meal is only 288.  Not to mention that oh hey there just happens to be 40g of protein in the meal (or 25g without the drink).  I only say that because recently I was ever so NOT happy to find out that I was so nowhere near getting enough protein and this meal topped me off yesterday to finally reach a good daily amount!

In other light-hearted news, sunsets are beautiful.

Even especially when they come after I have an “honest, let’s get real, here’s how I actually feel about things” conversation with God which left me a bit at a loss for words anyway…He has a tendency to leave me speechless. Hello Job.

Oh and lastly some shoes that make me happy…now to just be patient and wait to buy them.

These on the other hand make my feet jump at the thought of spring and summer. Oh please come soon…I am beyond ready to run outside consistently and have those “God, teach me how to trust you” conversations out amidst the trees instead of the confines of my car.


Until then…since it is light-hearted tuesday, won’t you share something light from your heart? (or serious if you like, I’m game for that too)


7 thoughts on “light-hearted tuesday

  1. Totally! Thankyou. Terrific!

    Tremendous, thankworthy, thorough, Truth, ta, ta ta (not so good), thanks (bit of a theme there), through (especially in the context of temptation, to escape), the (as in, The Way, The Truth, The Life).

    Oh and I’ll finish with Theos!

    Well, maybe not – trials! Hallelujah for trials/temptations.

    Okay, this will be the last. Praise God for Job. “I’ve been hard done by, God’s made a mistake”.

    “WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I MADE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD etc etc etc”. (Not that I think God was yelling, but it was so mightily awesome that he fell on his face! And that’s the effect I was going for)

    “Yes, God, You’re right. Sorry. I do trust You!”


    • zucchini planks with grape tomatoes, feta, and spices. asparagus and tofu. then chocolate soy milk with some extra protein. =) you can put couscous or quinoa in the zucchini planks or really anything…they were tasty!

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